Erotic Heritage Museum Presents Inaugural Erotic Art Auction Saturday, November 19


 Las Vegas’ Premiere Museum Dedicated to History of Sexuality Opens Its Private Collection For One-Day Sale of Items Never Made Available to the Public!

The Erotic Heritage Museum opens its private gallery and collection storehouse to the public tomorrow, Saturday, November 19, for its inaugural Erotic Art Auction. In conjuction with Batterman’s Auction House, the EHM will be making a selection of its curated pieces available for sale to collectors and the public alike, with a unique, one-day-only sale.


“In acquiring these pieces, we traveled to countries like Japan, China, Europe, and Africa…and, of course, all over the United States,” says EHM director Dr. Victoria Hartmann. “They are all unique and stunning, really, from the smallest curio to the biggest painting, representing the rich history of the human sexual experience – as well as being great pieces of art.”

A wide variety of erotica will be up for auction, including sculptures, original art, limited-edition lithographs, installation art pieces, erotic memorabilia, and more. Among the curated pieces up for sale will be a custom “Déjà Vu” Hardtail motorcycle, antiques from the 19th and 20th centuries, and pieces from the Museum’s most recent “Catherine the Great: Sex Furniture” exhibit. The sale will enable the Museum to make space for new exhibits within its two-story, 24,000 square foot space.

The Erotic Heritage Museum, located at 3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89109, will hold its First Annual Erotic Art Auction will be held this Saturday, November 19, at Noon (12pm). Wine and light hor d’oeuvres will be provided.

For a preview of the items being presented for auction, as well as terms of bidding, sale, and delivery, interested bidders are invited to visit

For more information about the EHM, visit

About The Erotic Heritage Museum: 

The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum, also known as the Erotic Heritage Museum, houses more than 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination, as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love. The EHM is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.

The Museum is dedicated to the preservation of great erotic heritage that is typically undervalued, yet is of tremendous importance. The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum’s sole purpose is to perform educational, scientific, and literary functions relating to sexual, emotional, mental, and physical health. Historical and contemporary erotic materials donated to the EHM may be sold by the artist or collection holder, or made available on loan from individual artists, for viewing in accordance with federal law. In addition, the Museum has a calendar full of educational workshops and lectures, and is also available for special events. Home to the world’s one and only Eros Chapel Theatre, the Erotic Heritage Museum will surely provide a unique experience. For more information, visit


Wet For Her® Receives ‘Cosmopolitan’ Mention


Luxury Lesbian Novelty Company’s ‘Sex Toy Two’ Finger Extender Suggested in Q&A with Dr. Sadie Allison!

Wet For Her® ( receives a mention in the December print issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Sexologist Dr. Sadie Allison mentions the luxury lesbian novelty company’s flagship product, its Sex Toy Two (, as a ‘handy’ solution to having sex with women while having longer nails.


“I am so thrilled to have our Sex Toy Two mentioned in Cosmo!” says Wet For Her® owner and founder Alice Derock. “Our luxury pleasure products are specifically designed and manufactured for the lesbian community, or any playtime between girls. We look forward to continuing to celebrate and support the sexuality of women, and am so happy to have Dr. Sadie mention us as a fantastic solution for femmes everywhere!”


“I love my long nails,” asks a reader. “But they sometimes get in the way during sex. Help!”

Dr. Sadie responds, “If you’re with a girl, try the Wet For Her® finger extender. The toy slips over your pointer and middle fingers, keeping your mani fresh and lady parts safe.”

The December issue of Cosmopolitan is available in newsstands now; to download the digital edition, visit

Wet For Her® is a US-based company, founded in France in June 2009. Wet For Her® CEO Alice Derock noticed a marked shortsightedness within the adult novelty industry for non-anatomically-realistic products – items highly sought after by the lesbian community not interested in using male-identified sex toys during play. The innovations with this market in mind won Wet For Her® the 2012 XBIZ New Pleasure Products Company of the Year distinction.

Wet For Her®’s line of products, designed by Alice, include a variety of insertable toys, both with and without vibrational properties, as well as strapless toys. In addition, Wet For Her®’s recent partnership with luxury harness company SpareParts® allows those seeking a high-end harness to use with the innovative toys a variety of couture styles from which to choose. A branded lubricant rounds out the Wet For Her® product catalog.

For additional information, visit

About Wet For Her®:

Wet For Her® is a US based company founded in France in June of 2009. As a French native, CEO Alice Derock noticed shortsightedness within the adult novelty industry for non-realistic items specifically geared towards the lesbian community. Derock began designing and manufacturing a line of high quality toys catering to a specific niche of sexualities; the company’s signature product, the finger extender Sex Toy Two, proves to still be hugely popular, and has made Wet For Her® the sex toy designer of note for lesbian sex toy consumer. Created by lesbians for lesbians, Wet For Her continues to carve a path for new avenues of sensual stimulation. For more information, visit

Wet For Her®’s Social Media Accounts:



For Retail and Distribution Inquiries, Please Contact:




Kim Airs, the well-known leader in the sex toy business world, is launching The Kim Airs Sales Boost, a multi-faceted manufacturing and retail sales boosting consulting business. The Kim Airs Sales Boost is designed to provide manufacturers of adult toys and products the personal contact at the distributor and retail level without the expense of a full time staff member. As the president of The Kim Airs Sales Boost, she brings over 20 years of sex toy sales experience to manufacturers, distributors and retail stores.

kimKim will work closely with smaller, independent manufacturers who may not be able to afford an on the road sales person yet realize the value of face-to-face product contact with store buyers. Whether it is a single store, larger chain or distributors, these retailers and wholesalers may not be aware of the brand and the benefits and features of their products. By utilizing Kim Airs’ unique personality and vast product knowledge, these manufacturers can have a presence with distributors and in the stores without the cost of a full time sales employee on the road.

CEO Ronnie Coutu of North Carolina based Helix Toys commented “Kim Airs recently shared her depth of knowledge with my buyers and sales associates here at Helix Toys. She has keen insight on how to sell sex toys and other adult products and can easily relate to both store owners and their sales staff. Plus, she’s funny! I can’t wait to have her visit Helix again.”

Kim shared “I have been in every aspect of the adult products sales channel with over ten years of experience with manufacturers after owning my own successful retail store for over a decade. I know representing a manufacturer and training at both the distributor and store level supports not only the manufacturer but the bottom line of the retailer as well. And retailers love the knowledge I share with their staff for increasing sales by training on upselling and cross selling techniques.”’

Veteran sales executive Lynn Swanson added “Take it from me, no one promotes adult products like Kim. I have always said “Just put something into Kim Airs’ hands and she’ll sell it!” With her humor and intelligence, she can effortlessly demonstrate product at both the distributor AND the retail level which can easily result in more sales for all companies involved.”

With The Kim Airs Sales Boost, new manufacturers can present their products directly to store buyers without having the expense of a trade show booth. “This is especially important for new companies to build their brand at a store level which is so important when starting out in the industry,” Kim acknowledged. “By having The Kim Airs Sales Boost training for their product, they can gain brand awareness at the retail customer buyer level which will increase sales for everyone.

“I am looking forward to sharing my passion for the adult industry for both manufacturers and retailers. They cannot survive without each other and I know my skills and experience will be the perfect bridge to bring success to all of the companies I work with,” Airs continued. “The Kim Airs Sales Boost will help make the world a better place, one happy customer at a time!”

For more information, contact Kim Airs at or by calling (213) 259-3238.


Red Light Center VR Creates the Very First Virtual Reality Adult World for Consumers


Watch a movie? Get a lap dance? Virtual sex? All is possible in Red Light Center VR

Virtual-reality community Red Light Center (RLC) announces the launch of the Red Light Center VR World (  RLCvr and its virtual live entertainment is now fully compatible with or without a headset.  RLCvr gives all of its users that ability to enter a world never experienced before, with regions being introduced continuously.


In its currently initial phase, RLCvr currently features two main multi-player experiences – a strip club and a movie theatre – where users are able to navigate their virtual environment either by physically walking around, or by using a game controller, while wearing an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift headset. RLC has aggressive plans to roll out additional new VR compatible regions in the coming weeks and months.

In order to access Red Light Center’s community, members simply create an account, download a Curio browser and go directly to the company splash page. Members control the action on the screen or within their VR headset, enjoy motion-captured stage and lap dances, and they can communicate to each other and the dancers through the built-in voice channels.  There are even special events in which the VR porn stars of the world’s top VR studio,, take the stage and perform the lap dances live!

In the massively multi-user theater, consumers have the opportunity to control the screen by pasting virtually any video link into the control panel.  When the videos play, every person with an avatar in the region sees the video play.  You can present, discuss or just hang out and watch.  As long as your friends also have a VR headset, you can now enjoy TV and movie time with them from anywhere in the world.  Why leave your home for a theater, when a theater in VR is at your fingertips?

Membership to Red Light Center is included as a free part of the membership price of $20 a month, or $15 a month for the New Red Light Center only.

What does the future for RLCvr hold? VR sex games with converted motion sex into animation?  Real sex with real people in VR? More is to come, thanks to RLCvr.

RLC is also offering a referral program through the HoloCash Affiliate Program – part of HologirlsVR.Webmasters and VR marketers have the opportunity to get involved in the promotion of RLCvr and through the HoloCash affiliate program. To become an affiliate, go to and click ‘JOIN’.  The site is equipped with a user-friendly interface and a large selection of banners to choose from.

For more information on HoloFilm Productions’ HoloGirls VR site, go to