Fab Foundations: L’eggs Plastic Eggs Return

                by Ali Cudby

I remember going to the store with my Mom and seeing the L’eggs plastic eggs containers on the shelf. Too young to wear “pantyhose” (as we called them back then) the eggs always beaconed to me, making me wonder about what treasures could be found inside something that so closely resembled an Easter morning treat. I wanted those eggs! By the time I was old enough to don the legwear inside, the eggs had long-since disappeared from the shelves.
Imagine the joy when I heard the iconic eggs would be making a glorious return for a limited run. “We’re excited to bring back a part of the L’eggs brand heritage that’s remembered and cherished by so many,” says Angela Hawkins, vice president, general manager of legwear at HanesBrands. Of course, the legwear itself has been around, in the form of Sheer Energy.

Do you have fond memories of the L’eggs eggs? (Or not.) Find out more about the celebrations planned for the eggs atwww.leggsluckyegg.com. Need a commemorative L’eggs egg for your lingerie collection? I do! The L’eggs eggs are now available nationwide, but only for a limited time.

Ali Cudby is the author of the book Busted! The Fab Foundations™ Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic (December 2011), and CEO of Fab Foundations™, an intimate apparel consulting company.
Ali can be found on Twitter @alicudby, and you can be a fan of the Ali Cudby’s page on Facebook. To learn more about bras that fit, download a free chapter of Busted! 

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VienneMilano: Luxury Hosiery Brand Launches Third Collection

Luxury Hosiery brand becomes the world’s largest collection of thigh high stockings
VienneMilano announces its 2014 Spring Collection, just in time for Valentine’s Day. In this collection, there are a variety of premium materials that are used, featuring exuberant colors and models. All products are made in Italy exclusively for VienneMilano and are imported directly from Milan. VienneMilano caters to all women who want to reveal their style and confidence by being elegant, playful and sexy in every occasion. 

VienneMilano’s new collection embodies the brand’s idea that thigh highs are appropriate for every occasion. In the third collection, consumer will find reinterpretations of 2014 Spring must-have colors (Cayenne Red, Teal, Mustard Yellow, and Dazzling Blue) to a new luxurious life with the sapient use of innovative materials. However, VienneMilano’s center stage will come from its miraculous piece that is crafted in run-resistant technology available in black. “There is no better gift than VienneMilano hosiery”, said Luis Paredes, Publisher Lingerie Journal. “It’s a luxurious experience everyone should share with someone special in their lives.” High end women will be thrilled to receive this from her significant other as each pair of VienneMilano is packaged in a beautifully crafted purple box. 
Since 2011, VienneMilano has expanded thigh highs from a bedroom accessory into a new market segment: premium thigh highs that replace traditional hosiery at an affordable luxury price. Prices range between $29 and $59 per pair, positioning VienneMilano in the luxury department. At the same time, this price range also allows it to be more attainable than the incumbent top hosiery brands.
About VienneMilano 
VienneMilano is the first luxury brand and online store in the devoted exclusively to thigh highs stockings made in Italy. VienneMilano launched its first collection in November 2011. Combined with the 30 products in its existing collection, VienneMilano boasts the largest selection of thigh stockings in the world as it offers 37 pairs of thigh high stockings. VienneMilano’s products are manufactured with luxurious and innovative materials in a variety of colors and styles. All products are sold online on www.viennemilano.com and are shipped to customers worldwide. 

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Pretty Polly Teams Up With Alice + Olivia

US fashion label Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet has launched a hosiery collaboration with Pretty Polly.
The collection will feature modern, yet “playful” pieces which reflect the personality of both brands.
“I love legwear. I feel like it’s such an important component to how we style and wear our clothes,” said Alice + Olivia CEO and creative director, Stacey Bendet. 
The brand plans to have an ongoing presence in the hosiery sector, and believes it could represent over $25m at retail within three years, said company president Deanna Berkley. The collaboration with Pretty Polly is the first step in this strategic initiative.
“Our hosiery expertise and experience make Pretty Polly the perfect match for the fashion forward Alice + Olivia. 
This collaboration is bound to surprise and delight a whole generation of new customers,” added Jonny Mitchell, managing director -legwear of Courtaulds Brands, Pretty Polly’s parent company.

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Gerbe 2013 – 2014 Collection

GERBE unveils its 2013-2014 collection, which is more than ever in line with the brand’s authentic heritage and states once again this exceptional experience of refinement.
Every year, Manufacture Gerbe designs one of a kind limited edition models that reflect ever more a chic and glamour universe.
New additions to this 2013-2014 collection, such as RIVOLI, GRAND HÔTEL, TUILERIES, D’ORSAY or PALAIS ROYAL tights, are mainly inspired by Paris’ mythical places or represent throughout
different revamped styles the must coveted “French Touch”, symbolizing this essential femininity, like this pair of NEW LOOK tights or these NEW VINTAGE and FATAL stockings.
This highly graphic collection which combines traditional know how, is infused by architectural elements and historical ornaments, with contemporary modernity on a metropolitan background. The endless intertwined geometrical lines of Parisian avenues and boulevards are reflected in these meticulous knitting techniques to offer some shaping alternatives.
View the complete collection on GERBE website www.gerbe.fr 

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