Bra Review: Kris Line

                       by Holly Jackson
I was thrilled to finally get to try on a Kris Line bra, especially after viewing their gorgeous fashion line at Curve NYC. There’s lots to love about Kris Line. They currently offer two lines, one fashion and one basic. Their current cup size range runs from A to N, and they’re hoping to expand it to an O cup in the future. Their designs are fresh and modern while still retaining some beautiful and classic elements. I’ve spent a fair amount of time this year researching the truly incredible Eastern European bra market, so I was excited to try a designer who was so well respected within it.

The lovely Santa LaBellman shipped me two bras from the Kris Line basics collection: the Brilliant bra in black, and the Pearle bra in white. Both bras were 34JJ’s, since I’d followed Santa’s advice and gone up a cup size.

The first thing that struck me when I took the bras out of the box were that they each had five sets of hooks on the back. This isn’t the most popular thing to do among designers, but I love how practical it is. Even if your size goes up or down a little, you don’t need to switch into a whole new bra. I wear a 32 band in lots of bras, but the 34 band felt fine on the third set of hooks. I was glad that I’d followed Santa’s advice about the cup size, as my normal J cup would not have worked. She says that most women have to size up a cup to find a proper fit.

Kris Line bras are both elegant and fun, which is a hard combination to come across. The Pearle bra features a beautiful satin fabric section with a small amount of padding with a sheer section above it and delicate lace at the top. The Brilliant bra is a more traditional unpadded bra, but the prominent floral embroidery sets it apart from the pack. The shape the bras provide is slightly pointer than some of the popular UK brands, but the pointy shape disappeared under a shirt. The brand almost feels like a more grown up version of some of Curvy Kate’s designs, which gives them high marks in my book.

I tried each bra out in multiple situations, from a cocktail party to chasing my dog. My bra straps never slipped, and the bra didn’t shift at all after hours of wear. If you’re very fair skinned, their white color also works well in place of a nude bra under thin shirts.

I deeply appreciated Kris Line’s use of strong underwires and fully adjustable straps, especially as a larger cup size. I also didn’t have a problem with the wires digging in under my arms like I do with lots of other brands, so if you’re someone who struggles to find shorter wires then Kris Line bras will be your new best friends. The average Kris Line bra costs $88 or so, which makes them competitive with other brands that are popular in the US. Their incredible size range also makes them one of the three best brands on the market for women who are an H cup or over.

I love these two bras, and I fully intend to purchase several more from their creative and colorful fashion line next!

Kris Line bras can be purchased by individuals and wholesale accounts by contacting Santa LaBellman at 407-620-3442. She is currently the only US distributor for Kris Line.

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