Lipgloss & Lace: Q&A with Rebecca Szymczak of BEX

by Mandie Mutchie

Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic 2014 so far! I know that I sure am!

One of the reasons that my 2014 is so great so far is that I am currently the BEX Kitten for January! What is that? Click here to see!

And this inspired me also to feature Rebecca Szymczak, the woman behind BEX, in an email interview for Lipgloss & Lace… I mean… I love Madonna, Lucille Ball, AND Morticia Adams, so what’s not to love about BEX? Read on for more details!

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the fashion industry for 14 years. I started as an intern at NIKE in the apparel design department at age 17 and have continued working in the industry since then, later moving to NYC to work as a designer for DKNY. I have also designed for Everlast and eventually became the Creative Director and Vice President of Design for Playboy.

How did you become a lingerie designer?
I always loved lingerie as a consumer and owned a large personal collection. I designed a bit of knit intimates at DKNY and was initially hired as the Lingerie Director at Playboy before being promoted to Global Creative Director. I fell in love with the category and eventually started my own line.

How did BEX come to be, and how did you select your name?
I had continued to climb the corporate design ladder from the age of 17 and last year I hit a turning point. I turned 30, I no longer had the desire to continue in corporate America and around the same time I lost one of my best friends and mentors, Jason Phillips to Cancer. He was 41 years old and had always wanted to start his own line and got sick before seeing it through to fruition. That really shook me and made me realize there is never an ideal time to start but life is too short to NOT start. That is how BEX began. The name comes from my Nickname “Bex.”

What inspires you as a designer, and your design for your line?
I am inspired by all that is unapologetically sexy and empowered. That being said I am inspired by New York City every single day. I love the diversity in styles, the confidence New Yorkers have to dress as they please without any regard for “fitting in”. I’m also very inspired by pop culture. I am a huge Madonna fan and definitely draw inspiration from her style and performance art. My current muse is musician Ivy Levan who describes her style as “Lucille Ball meets Morticia Adams”

What sets you apart from other lines?
BEX is more than just a lingerie brand but an all encompassing luxury lifestyle brand. The core of our line is lingerie but we also design what the unapologetically sexy, empowered female would want to wear outside of the bedroom as an extension of the line including accessories, hats and statement pieces. We also partner with Fashion Fights Cancer on key items, donating a portion of the proceeds to the charity (this season the Naughty Nighstand Giftset)
In edition to our product what sets us apart is creating a really creative, fun, inspiring and positive workplace for our team. After spending a long time in corporate America I experienced some great and not-so-great corporate cultures. At BEX we have an 8 pt manifesto that really comes down to: creating great product, being good people and having fun.

What do you love best about this season’s line?
This season, I love the juxtaposition of classic menswear details like bowties, pinstripes and tuxedo pin tucks designed into extremely sexy women’s silhouettes.

What can we expect from BEX in the future?
BEX will continue to push boundaries in both our designs and brand campaigns. We are excited to be shooting our next lookbook this month which will include stunning ergonomic and bondage-inspired silhouettes and accessories. We will also release a digital video lookbook in addition to our print/still image book.

Where is Bex sold?, Henri Bendel, Sugar Cookies NY, Showcase, the Boutiques at Canyon Ranch.

For Wholesale Inquires please email

Do you exhibit at any trade shows?
Not currently.

Is there anything else that you would like the readers of Lipgloss & Lace to know about your collection and brand?
BEX is worn by various celebrities including : Emma Roberts, Anna-Sophia Robb, Kelly Osbourne, Lauren Conrad, Ivy Levan, Countess LuAnn DeLessps and was also recently featured at Lady Gaga’s ArtPop album launch.

I don’t know about you, but I found all of that fascinating! While I am sorry for Bex’s loss of her friend, I admire that she used it as inspiration to live each day like it could be her last! One thing that I love about lingerie is its versatility – that some lingerie is sassy and leather, and others soft, silken and lacy. There’s definitely something for everyone! Here are some images from BEX, including those of me from the BEX Kitten for January shoot!

If you recall, last year for the “day-after-Valentine’s Day” issue of Lipgloss & Lace, I shared some pretty brutal date stories. I am hoping to do that again, so if you have any, please send them my way! I should have something pretty entertaining for the February first issue, too, so please stay tuned!



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