RELLECIGA bikini takes its place alongside top European luxury brands in My Private Boutique

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RELLECIGA bikini has for the third year running been featured in the exclusive Swiss online shopping club, My Private Boutique, showing yet again that it stands among the top luxury brands in Europe and the world.

Following a successful 2016 debut from May 1st to 17th, RELLECIGA’s super sexy and elegant swimwear will be available to buy from My Private Boutique during the first two weeks of June, July, and August. Customers are advised to order as early as possible to be sure of getting their hands on the perfect bikini!


Europe has long been the home of the world’s most exclusive brands, including major designers such as Hermès, Gucci, and Prada. Being featured alongside these international leaders is a sign that RELLECIGA, a top North-American swimwear brand, is well on its way to becoming a global household name.

RELLECIGA’s CEO of the Europe region Marian Glett explains why the brand has been so successful in breaking into the European market, “We believe that swimwear needs to combine innovative, fashionable and sexy design with superior, intricate craftsmanship. With its strong history of luxury fashion, our emphasis on quality and design makes our products ideally suited to the European market.”

12750154_797973947004284_1830562675_nIn fact, RELLECIGA owes much of its success to its design house, the RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute (RIDI) — where skilled professionals work to develop cutting-edge and stunning designs. Thanks to RIDI’s expertise, RELLECIGA was the first bikini brand to be featured in New York’s Times Square — one of the world’s iconic fashion centers.

As well as swimwear and lingerie, My Private Boutique is a one-stop shop for items such as fragrances, cosmetics, and watches, which means consumers can pick up other luxury holiday indulgences at the same time as buying their swimwear.


The Victoria’s Secret of bikinis, RELLECIGA aims to create sensual, high-end swimwear that perfectly complements the beauty of the woman wearing it. RELLECIGA is the developer of the RIKINI — the world’s first bikini that can be worn 6 ways.



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