Halloween with Minor Creations

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Smokin” Hot Weed Outfits In Time For 420!

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April 20th is coming and that means it’s national weed day! With marijuana becoming mainstream, it’s much more important that you’re covered. Minor Creations is proud to present these sexy marijuana prints that are sure to stoke your customers! These are part of their weekly specials so click on the link below to view them and the other hot sexy styles we have to offer this week!

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Costumes from Minor Creations

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Heat up the bedroom with these costumes from Minor Creations
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Long Time Minor Creations Customer Wins Jacket!

Steve, co-owner of Minor Creations has a 7 year and counting tradition, to wear a flashy new jacket to each of the International Lingerie Shows in Las Vegas. Each one is different and made out of a material used in the manufacturing of their garments. “Vegas is the perfect venue for a jacket like this and everyone loves them.” says Steve. “ It’s a lot of fun  and I even wear it out on the strip after the show. It’s funny how people stare thinking I’m supposed to be some kind of star or something!”

During the show, Steve gets asked dozens of times if the jacket is for sale to which the standard answer is, “No, sorry. This is a one of a kind jacket and this is the only one there will ever be.” That answer changed at the last show in September. 
Minor Creations customers were given one raffle ticket for every $100 in orders placed at the show towards a drawing to determine the winner of a duplicate jacket to be made to order. 
At this past ILS, the jacket was made of mirror like sequins, with a shiny white lapel and rhinestone buttons. Truly one of the flashiest of all the jackets Steve has had. 
The proud winner was Ed of Panda Bear and Q-T Pie, both are located in New Orleans. 
When Ed was informed that he was the winner, he was very excited and couldn’t wait for his jacket. As an added surprise, Minor Creations decided to make his jacket out of gold sequin rather than silver. It was then trimmed in black with black rhinestone buttons. Ed is a huge fan and season ticket holder for the New Orleans Saints so his jacket was made to match his team’s colors.  
“Ed is a great guy that’s fun to be around. As a long time loyal customer of Minor Creations, this jacket has found a wonderful home”.
“I Love it!” said Ed. “I’ll be wearing it to the playoff games”. 
Hopefully for Ed, the Saints will have a successful playoff season.
Value of a custom sequin jacket with rhinestone trim that matches your favorite team colors… Priceless! 

via McPete Sez Newsletter.