Kim Airs, the well-known leader in the sex toy business world, is launching The Kim Airs Sales Boost, a multi-faceted manufacturing and retail sales boosting consulting business. The Kim Airs Sales Boost is designed to provide manufacturers of adult toys and products the personal contact at the distributor and retail level without the expense of a full time staff member. As the president of The Kim Airs Sales Boost, she brings over 20 years of sex toy sales experience to manufacturers, distributors and retail stores.

kimKim will work closely with smaller, independent manufacturers who may not be able to afford an on the road sales person yet realize the value of face-to-face product contact with store buyers. Whether it is a single store, larger chain or distributors, these retailers and wholesalers may not be aware of the brand and the benefits and features of their products. By utilizing Kim Airs’ unique personality and vast product knowledge, these manufacturers can have a presence with distributors and in the stores without the cost of a full time sales employee on the road.

CEO Ronnie Coutu of North Carolina based Helix Toys commented “Kim Airs recently shared her depth of knowledge with my buyers and sales associates here at Helix Toys. She has keen insight on how to sell sex toys and other adult products and can easily relate to both store owners and their sales staff. Plus, she’s funny! I can’t wait to have her visit Helix again.”

Kim shared “I have been in every aspect of the adult products sales channel with over ten years of experience with manufacturers after owning my own successful retail store for over a decade. I know representing a manufacturer and training at both the distributor and store level supports not only the manufacturer but the bottom line of the retailer as well. And retailers love the knowledge I share with their staff for increasing sales by training on upselling and cross selling techniques.”’

Veteran sales executive Lynn Swanson added “Take it from me, no one promotes adult products like Kim. I have always said “Just put something into Kim Airs’ hands and she’ll sell it!” With her humor and intelligence, she can effortlessly demonstrate product at both the distributor AND the retail level which can easily result in more sales for all companies involved.”

With The Kim Airs Sales Boost, new manufacturers can present their products directly to store buyers without having the expense of a trade show booth. “This is especially important for new companies to build their brand at a store level which is so important when starting out in the industry,” Kim acknowledged. “By having The Kim Airs Sales Boost training for their product, they can gain brand awareness at the retail customer buyer level which will increase sales for everyone.

“I am looking forward to sharing my passion for the adult industry for both manufacturers and retailers. They cannot survive without each other and I know my skills and experience will be the perfect bridge to bring success to all of the companies I work with,” Airs continued. “The Kim Airs Sales Boost will help make the world a better place, one happy customer at a time!”

For more information, contact Kim Airs at or by calling (213) 259-3238.