The Addict Expose: Lingerie of the Week: ‘Kelly’ Lingerie Set by Toru and Naoko

                    by Cora 

So I was catching up Scarlet’s Letter (one of my favorite lingerie blogs for 2014), and I ran across a new line I hadn’t heard of before – Toru and Naoko. Based out of Chile, this new lingerie brand is doing some very exciting things. And since I’ve been wanting to feature more brand that don’t hail from America, Europe, or Australia, I thought they’d make a great fit for our first ‘Lingerie of the Week‘ feature for March.

Not to be too repetitive, but I’m really digging the sheer black mesh, and I also quite like the crossover details for the bra. I don’t own any knickers with cut-outs on the sides, but I do like a high-waist silhouette. I also enjoy the slightly cheeky cut of the briefs, and the ruffle trim on both the bra and knickers. Better yet, both of these handmade pieces retail for only $76 (i.e. that’s the cost of the full set), a real bargain for custom, designer lingerie.

What do you think of Toru and Naoko? Would you purchase something like this?

***Cora is a 25 year old knickers junkie who started writing because her  friends threatened to tape her mouth shut if she didn’t stop talking about her underwear. As a blogger, she interacts constantly with the people this industry needs most—customers. The Addict Expose is all about bringing you, the lingerie store owner, the perspective of the lingerie consumers.  She welcomes lingerie lovers of every nation and persuasion to her blog, The Lingerie Addict. ***

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