Three Easy Ways To Build Upselling Into Your Lingerie Business

                        by Holly Jackson
Every designer and boutique owner that I know struggles with one big issue: how to sell full sets of lingerie. Brick and mortar stores frequently struggle with customers who are reluctant to buy both a bra and the matching panty, while online retailers worry about buyers who are nervous about buying a bra before being fitted into it. In some cases, online buyers are much more likely to buy a pair of panties than the full set.

If any of this sounds familiar, keep reading. Today I’m going to give you some quick tips on up selling in general, and how upselling can really help your bottom line.

1. Offer a discount if they complete the set.

This works for both brick and mortar boutiques and online stores. If you’re an online store, simply tuck a classy coupon in offering a small discount on the remaining item or items in the set. You can also make this a policy at your brick and mortar boutique, which may encourage women to pick up the whole set even if they don’t strictly need it.

I’ve seen this work really well around holidays and special occasions as well. One designer offered a large discount off a six piece set this past Valentine’s Day, which I thought was brilliant.

2. Shift your customer’s mindset.

Many women feel like buying a bra is like going to the hardware store: it’s difficult, intimating, and all you get at the end is an expensive tool. While the popularity of nude t-shirt bras won’t ever diminish, encouraging your customers to get out of their comfort zones and see themselves in a new light can help up your sales. Women are more likely to purchase a full set that they feel sexy and powerful in than a basic set. Sexier or more fashion forward sets can also be a great way to introduce extras like garter belts and different types of stockings. If you’re an online boutique, make sure that you’re showcasing fashion forward and colorful options along with the tried and true basics.

3. Offer different options for different personalities.

I am friends with dozens of women who are lingerie lovers, and we all have very different tastes. We’ve all got different personalities, and upselling to each of us would require a different offer. Some would accessorize with handcuffs or pasties, while some would go for practical stockings and a small bottle of lingerie wash in case of emergencies. It’s obviously not practical to have a set of combinations for every person, but there is a way to bring different personalities into your marketing.

Honestly, this is where a copywriter (or at least a professional ghost blogger) can come in handy. Make sure when you’re blogging or using social media that you’re also presenting options that appeal to a range of personalities, ages, body types, and budgets. This can be done with a quick outfit post or a gift guide that encompasses many different types of customers. Either way, a wider variety of fans means a wider variety of sales.

Holly Jackson owns The Full Figured Chest Copywriting, and specializes in lingerie writing and online content creation for lingerie companies. Her work can be found on lingerie boutique websites across the world as well as in national level campaigns. She currently writes six regular lingerie and marketing columns, and is a regular contributor to The Lingerie Addict and The Lingerie Journal as well asMcPeteSez. In 2011, The Lingerie Journal named her their number one copywriter in the lingerie industry.
Holly can be found tweeting @thefullfigurechesthere on Facebook, and reviewing the newest full-busted lingerie at her blog, Her list of copywriting services can be found here.

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