Angela Friedman AW12

                           by Luis Paredes
Just this past Saturday, Angela Friedman hosted a fashion show in launch of her new collection. Presented in an art gallery, press,buyers, and special guests were treated to models, live music, food and refreshments while learning more about the intricate AW12 collection.
With the vintage trend flourishing who could say no to spectacular Victorian corsets with Baroque detailing? Angela Friedman, designer of the Versailles collection, is well known for her keen eye for detail and exquisite taste in materials. She has spent the past five years developing this line while working diligently in both the fashion and costume industries.
This collection features under and over the bust corsets that give the wearer an awe inspiring hourglass figure. In addition to these steel-boned corsets, there are several sumptuous, drapey silk slips, kimono robes, and camisole sets that lend themselves to utter envy. The whole collection exudes elements of aristocratic flair and femininity.
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Holiday Products Releases 2012 Supplement.

Holiday Products has just announced the release of their 2012 Catalog Supplement. This 87 page, supplemental catalog showcases their vast product expansion featuring all of theindustries major manufacturers and many smaller product collections including: We-Vibe, Bijoux Indiscrets, Numa Gel, Wet for Her and Classic Erotica’s Max for Men.
Ken Sahn Vice President of Holiday said; “This supplement is a continuation of our partnership with our Vendors as we work closely to identify the best of their lines. This business strategy has worked well for Holiday but more importantly, for our broad customer base.” Ken goes on to say, “Our catalogs are among the best in the business and continue to be a great tool for our sales team and the buyers they deal with daily”
To request your free copy of our 2012 Supplement contact Holiday Products at 800-266-5969 or email 

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Guidelines for SGTIN is Released

Major American retailers, brands and technology providers have agreed on a set of guidelines for assigning serialized identification numbers to individual items – a move that is expected to drive the uptake of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology across the apparel supply chain.
The information standards organization GS1 US released the guidelines last week at its annual GS1 Connect Conference in Las Vegas, and says they will make it possible for firms to trace individual products.
The new technical guidelines, ‘EPC-enabled RFID Serialization Management for SGTIN-96’, provide best practices as well as various methodologies for assigning globally unique identification to individual trade items, using a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) plus a unique serial number. This combination is known as a Serialized Global Trade Item Number, or SGTIN.
“This document should be the first stop for any company that is implementing right now – regardless of their level of understanding or in involvement in item level tagging,” explains Doug Harvel, IT project leader at Jockey International, which helped put together the guidelines.
“This, as with all GS1 US-led efforts, was created by industry, for industry – and will serve the retail sector well for years to come.”
Assigning a SGTIN to individual items means that two otherwise identical units of the same product are uniquely identifiable, making it possible to fully use the power of RFID for simultaneous inventory counts and ensure that the right product is in the right place, at the right time.
As well as Jockey International, other leading retailers and brands who were part of the working group responsible for the document, include Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Maidenform, PVH Corp (owner of Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), along with several technology providers.
“This should be part of every company’s EPC item-level RFID implementation toolbox,” says Pam Sweeney, senior vice president, Logistics Systems, at Macy’s. “It helps companies understand the importance of serialization, its relationship to the technology and why standards are so important when managing serialization.”
The guidelines are intended to supplement standards that are already part of the GS1 supply chain standards framework.
In particular, they offer several strategies to avoid duplication of serial numbers when multiple parties are involved in EPC tagging, whether internal brand manufacturing plants or external parties, such as contract manufacturers or service bureaus.
“Serialization is a critical component of any EPC-enabled RFID implementation and a necessary first step for companies to prepare for the future retail supply chain,” adds Patrick Javick, vice president of industry engagement at GS1 US.
“These guidelines will help companies leverage their existing technology investments and move forward with successful, cost-effective EPC item-level implementations.”

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Esty Launches Petits Secrets by CB

Esty Lingerie are thrilled to announce the launch of eco-friendly lingerie brand Petits Secrets by CB to coincide with WorldEnvironment Day.
Perfect for the environmentally conscious lingerie lover, designer Céline Bakshi hand crafts each and every piece using upcycled fabric from clothing, turning unwanted garments in beautiful and unique lingerie designs!
Every one of Bakshi’s creations is totally unique due to the limited supply of each fabric that she has to work with, making Petits Secrets by CB your perfect go-to choice for eco-friendly, affordable and one-off lingerie designs, for yourself or for a gift.
Bakshi also offers a bespoke service where you can have one of your own pieces of clothing lovingly turned into a new lingerie set. Contact Esty Lingerie if you wish to enquire about this special design service.
Meet the Designer: Celine Bakshi
        of Petis Secrets by CB

 Céline Bakshi hand crafts every piece herself
What: Petits Secrets by CB is a beautiful, eco-friendly lingerie line made using recycled fabric from clothing
Where: All Petits Secrets by CB garments are handmade in London, UK
Meet London-based lingerie designer Céline Bakshi of Petits Secrets by CB, a stunning lingerie line that is set to revolutionise the eco-friendly lingerie market. Each and every piece is a special, one-off creation, hand-crafted by Bakshi using recycled fabric from clothing. She takes unwanted garments and tranforms them into something new and desirable – perfect for the environmentally conscious lingerista! Prices start at just £15.

Tell me about the launch of Petits Secrets…
In all honesty, Petits Secrets never had a real launch. It all just evolved from being a hobby I was doing to fill time between freelance footwear design projects, to being a little business. I made a few items and showed them to my friends, and they all thought there was something in it. Following that, I sold a few and then continued to make them and sold more! I am really happy with how it has turned out.

What drew you to lingerie design?
The funny thing is that I am a footwear designer by trade and studied this at university. However, part of me always felt that maybe I should have studied lingerie design instead. When I found myself with some spare time, I decided to teach myself to hand-make underwear and of course I couldn’t get enough of it. The best thing about it is there is so much room for creativity and because it is my lingerie line, I call the shots and have no restrictions!

What makes Petits Secrets designs so unique?
The biggest factor that makes Petits Secrets products so unique and different to a lot of other underwear lines out there is the fact that they are essentially upcycled products. I use unwanted clothing and turn them into one-off and completely individual items. Every piece is different to the last and because I only have a limited amount of each fabric, there will never be another style exactly the same!

Who or what inspires you?
Having a creative background means I have always found creative inspiration in many different ways. I can be inspired by my environment, an exhibition or even by a random person on the street! I am also inspired by other designers and brands – my favourite underwear brand is Myla and they are always wonderful for inspirational ideas.

Describe your design process when creating a new garment…
My design process is probably very different to most. Sometimes I will draw a small sketch on a scrap piece of paper so that I can get the idea clear in my mind, but most of the time I just get into making the item straight away. I cut out the fabric to size and then start playing around with trims and embellishments. Once I am happy I start sewing. Occasionally I will think of something else I could add to enhance the design, and I will work this into the process.

What does the future hold for Petits Secrets?
I currently have an exciting prospect in the pipeline but this may take some time to get up and running! We may offer a customizable service which will give customers the chance to ‘design’ their own underwear, where they will be able to choose from a few styles, materials and trims/embellishments.
At some stage, I would love to have a swimwear collection and even a bridal collection too. This would more than likely not be upcycled products, but you never know! Coming from a footwear background, I would love to introduce a footwear line that sits alongside the underwear and swimwear lines. So let’s see what the future brings!

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