Lipgloss & Lace

                         by Mandie Mutchie

Despite the title of this column “Lipgloss & Lace,” I realized the other day that I’ve not written very much about makeup!

This past weekend, I went to The Makeup Show in Chicago, modeled, shopped, and learned from some experts! One of the seminars I attended was on upcoming makeup trends, so I thought I’d share!

One of the big trends for Summer is a bold lip! It has been matte for a while, but it’s moving back to glossy, which is exciting to me, because I think it’s more flattering!

A second trend is winged out eyeliner, taken to the extreme! Think bold colors, or longer, thicker or more elaborate wings. The sky is the limit!

The final trend is for thick brows. Make the most of what you have by combing yours straight up and using product to fill in any sparse parts. I recommend Stila’s waterproof brow liner to do just that!

Of course you don’t have to try all of the trends, and I sure wouldn’t recommend trying them all at once, but if you feel inspired, this is what’s hot this season!

Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, brides, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a beachbody coach, and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.
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*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

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Grupo Karim’s to Buy Jockey de Honduras

Textile company Grupo Karim’s is to buy Jockey’s Honduras production facilities later this year under a long-term agreement to become a strategic supplier of the underwear brand.
The deal to buy Jockey de Honduras by December 2013 comes as part of Jockey’s plans to convert to a 100% globally sourced supply chain in 2014.
Karim’s said the transition would give Jockey additional flexibility and options to introduce products to market more quickly.
The company added that the purchase would complement its own existing yarn, chemicals, fabric and sew capacity.
Earlier this year, Karim’s bought Woong Chun Honduras, now called Pride Performance Fabrics, a warp and circular knit textile mill with a monthly capacity of over 5m lbs of cotton and synthetic fabrics.
The deals will increase group turnover to over US$400m a year, Grupo Karim’s said. 

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Chantelle Lingerie Know How

The craft, expertise and tricks will be unveiled, so you can discover the tradition of excellence which has been passed on over time, with passion, from generation to generation. Check out the tricks behind the trade here!

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Aubade gets the Russian Feel..

For the Autumn Winter 2013 collection, Aubade has been inspired by the splendor of Russia – its rich, contrasting floral motifs, itsflamboyant architecture, its traditional dances and folklore – this season’s collection invites us to open the pages of a wonderful Russian tale.
Multicolored Jacquard ribbons, shimmering Slavic prints and hand painted flowers, create the eclectic folk feel, which runs through this collection.
Furthermore, the Winter theme continues through iced lace, crystallized embroidery and graphic prints.
This Russian magic theme turns into Aphrodite red, Doll pink, Baltic blue as well as deep black hues. In the spirit of the wintery cold theme, using frost, flakes and mist as inspiration, the styles are “cross-stitched”, ornamented with tassels, pom poms and ornate trimmings. The lingerie features golden jewels, carved metal, precious lace, smoothed embroidery and Swarovski crystals, referencing the “Ice Queen”  

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