Mia Isabella Supports NFL Superstar Colin Kaepernick

ILS_web_Mcpete SezFor Standing Up to Sit Down During the National Anthem in IB Times

International model and actress Mia Isabella spoke out this week in support for her San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick in response to the public backlash he has received for refusing to stand up during the National Anthem due to political reasons.

“I stand with [Kaepernick] because I understand the message,” she said in an exclusive statement to the International Business Times via email Monday. “I am a trans woman of color watching the world around me in dismay at the civil rights issues my community are currently facing. Trans people of color are being murdered at an alarming rate and they are not getting the publicity so many other situations are this is not a new thing it is just newly being televised.”

Mia Isabella IB TimesAs is always inquired by the press, the tiny TS with the big heart said dismissed the press typical relationship question and left it at that, but made a strong statement on why she is supporting the outspoken NFL player.

“[He] reminded me that no matter what creed or sexuality or gender, I was a Queen and I believe I was able to also inspire the same boldness in him as well,” the model explained. “In fact, I remember many times where I was told my way of thinking, my fight, my drive and resilience did ignite the King in him.”

To read the entire exclusive story, go here http://www.ibtimes.com/exclusive-colin-kaepernick-national-anthem-update-transgender-model-mia-isabella-2408775.

Currently Isabella who now resides in her hometown of Chicago, is working on a podcast that will be a tell-all on her life and her strong beliefs in TS integration, world politics, social values and pop culture.

Fans can keep up with Mia Isabella on her website www.mia-isabella.com and on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/themiaisabella.

About Mia Isabella

The exotic and stunning Mia Isabella was born and raised in Chicago and entered the adult industry at the age of 19 and has worked with big companies and won many industry awards.

After retiring as a performer, in the fall of 2013 Mia broke barriers when her voice appeared in multi-billion dollar videogame Grand Theft Auto 5 portraying, “Hooker Number One,” the very first transsexual to ever be featured in a videogame.  Since then Mia has flexed more of her acting muscle appearing in the final season of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

Mia adores the media; she is a recurring guest on Sirius XM’s “The Jason Ellis Show” on the Faction Channel and Neil Strauss’ “The Inner Circle,” On Sirius Stars, and has been on Sirius XM’s “The Judith Regan Show,” Sirius Out Q’s “Derek and Romaine Show,” Sirius XM Shade 45’s The Morning Show with Sway, She has also been a guest on Univision’s “Luis Jimenez Show,” and on podcasts all across the country, most recently Dr. Emily Morse’s podcast, “Sex With Emily.”  Mia Isabella also enjoys live appearances, most recently enjoying participating in a skit for Sam Tripoli’s “Naughty Show,” live at The Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.