Business and Technology: Can you have too much SEO?

         by the Gozooko Guys
(Bryan and Karl)

Google thinks you can. (Wait, wait, Google knows you can)

We all know the purpose of a web search is to find something that is truly relevant to what you are looking for. Google has recognized there are sites which are “Over Optimized”, which is a detriment to sites with high quality content that is relevant to your search. Google recently released a change to their algorithm to mitigate overly SEO’d sites. So what should you do? What we have always said to do, simply make high quality content. High quality content is more natural and will ultimately win out over artificially SEO’d content. Should you still use target keywords? Absolutely yes! Just don’t overly pack your content with them or fill them in the content unnaturally. Google algorithm changes will be in continual iterations. You may not notice the changes instantly, but should over time.

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