Lingerie Designer Showcase Recap

                                 Story by Christi Reid
This past week marked the return of The Lingerie Designer Showcase hosted by The Lingerie Journal, a New York based trade show of independent designers and brands for buyers looking for innovative, new collections. The show promotes a collective environment where brands work together to help each other achieve their goals by sharing their industry knowledge.
This year’s participating brands included Priscilla Jade Lingerieby Priscilla Codinach; Toad Lillie by Laurie Shapiro;Dottie’s Delights by Stephanie Kuhr; Good Night Gilda by Whitney Galitz;Ann Vogue by Asi Efros; Ombrato Sleepwear by Masako Shirokawa; Clare Bare Lingerie by Clare Herron; Fred & Gingerby Victoria Holt and Andrea Billard—Haute Lingerie by Andrea Billard represented by Stacy Shakoor of Terrebleu.
I was fortunate enough to be able to privately meet with seven of the nine brands Tuesday February 22nd and get a walk through of their collections.
The Pink Ladies – Toad Lillie and Dottie’s Delights
The first two designers I met with were Laurie Shapiro of Toad Lillie and Stephanie Kuhr of Dottie’s Delights. Both women were extremely welcoming and willing to show me their work. Stepping into the room, Stephanie offered me a list of cocktails the two girls had formulated to offer buyers; it soon became known throughout the showcase that the Pink Lady was her specialty. Laurie was the first to give me a run-through. She explained to me that French pastries inspired her two collections: SS12 named BonBon and AW12 named Tarte.

As of right now, Laurie is a one-woman show, designing and creating each piece with true attention to detail and perfectionism. All of her pieces are extremely luxurious. The insides of her garments are lined with silk and all hardware is of jewelry grade quality. Laurie hand dyes all notions to match the colors of her fabrics and any detail found on the pieces is hand painted by the designer herself. The actual collections were gorgeous, with unique details added to simple designs and rich jewel tones picked for a dazzling effect.
Next to show me her collection was Stephanie Kuhr of Dottie’s Delights. She explained to me that she strives to support female curves in all senses of the word by providing high-end lingerie that focuses on attractive design, fit, and function with an emphasis on the quality attention to detail and technique found in mid-century vintage foundations. The pieces were utterly unique. I had never seen such amazing detail and craftsmanship, all of her work hinted at the glamour of the 40’s and 50’s and made me feel like I should be in a boudoir setting. Like Laurie, Stephanie lined the insides of her garments to add an element of luxury and used metal garters to ensure durability of usage. By far my favorite piece of the collection was the dramatic sheer black robe that swept to the floor and screamed of refinement and extravagance.
Priscilla Jade Lingerie
Meeting with Priscilla Codinach from Priscilla Jade was an experience I will always remember. Even though Priscilla was feeling under the weather, she welcomed me into her room to speak with me. Her bubbly, vivacious personality had me hooked on every word and we found ourselves chatting for well over a half hour.
Priscilla told me how she had always known from a young age that she was interested in lingerie. She would watch old westerns with her family and see glamorous women dressed in robes and chemises doing their makeup and she made the connection then that lingerie is every woman’s secret super power.
“Meeting with Priscilla Codinach from Priscilla Jade was an experience I will always remember”

The Miami based designer then ran me through her two collections with me. The first, Noir collection, was inspired by her ex-boyfriends. Laughing she showed me the different designs, explaining that with each relationship she grew and learned more about herself. The SS12 collection was inspired by vivid colors and geometric shapes. The pieces looked as though they hinted at a superhero theme, with Batman and Superman colors shining through, but she shrugged off the comment and told me it was all by accident. Even though the effect was unintentional, I will still think that secretly she wanted to make a larger statement about women’s secret super powers.
Good Night Gilda
After meeting with Priscilla, I met with Whitney Galitz of Goodnight Gilda. Whitney was extremely sweet and informative. She explained to me that her collection is produced and based entirely in LA.

She, like Stephanie, targets a full-chested, curvaceous woman. Running through her collections I was entranced by the stretch silk and mesh-lined bras. She definitely communicated a strong theme of old Hollywood fashion with an edge. Each piece hinted at a slightly different era, such as her Bullseye wireless bra in tribute to the 30’s. The two collections, SS12 and AW12, featured the same silhouettes but in entirely different color palettes. The effect was astonishing. Her playful t-strap romper conveyed a completely different message in deep red than in tan. Overall, I thrilled to see such a sophisticated take on a retro-inspired collection.
Sleepwear Designers Asi Efros and Masako Shirokawa
The next two designers that I met with were Asi Efros of Ann Vogue and Masako Shirokawa of Ombrato Sleepwear. Masako was the first to show me her collection. The designer, based in New York, explained to me the meaning behind the brand’s name; Ombrato is Japanese for “take it easy.” And this statement held true for her collection. All of the pieces were simple but extremely luxurious. She told me the cotton for her casual pieces was made in Japan, which added a bit of culture to the effect of the line.

Asi of Ann Vogue was very enthusiastic when showing me her collections. She told me how she originated from Russia but loved to travel. She had been traveling the globe to collect inspiration for her line. Many of the pieces featured a wonderful French black lace that Asi told me was inspired by gothic cathedrals. By far my favorite piece was her luxurious robe with an attached belt. The silk was liquidy- soft and the lace details at the cuffs were exquisite.
Clare Bare Lingerie
The final designer that I got to met with was Clare Herron of Clare Bare. Clare spoke to me about her brand and informed me how she is Brooklyn-based and designs all of her pieces to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. She does a lot of work re-purposing vintage textiles.
Her current collection features organic cotton and bamboos fabrics. The dyes that she uses are soy based and create a great layered color effect. Clare explained that she tries really hard to move beyond the preconceived notions of eco-friendly fashion and add details that are unexpected and exciting for her customers. I completely fell in love with a body suit she was featuring on a mannequin. The back had intricate cutout designs that could be adjusted to fit the wearer’s needs. We bonded over our very straight bodies, and she told me how the cutouts in the suit created the illusion of curves for the curve-inclined woman. I have to say it was a lovely experience meeting with this designer and wish her the best of luck. She told me that recently she got a contract to be featured on True Blood. The pieces will be shown either in June or July, so keep an eye out for some sultry lingerie by Clare Bare.
Andrea Billard and Fred & Ginger
Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with the representative of Fred & Ginger and Andrea Billard, Stacy Shakoor. From what I’ve seen online and at the fashion show at the Brand Affair event, the collections are sophisticated and luxurious. I would have loved to learn more about the craftsmanship behind the pieces. Luckily, the Lingerie Journal has recently covered both brands latest offerings:
Andrea Billard SS12 and Fred and Ginger AW12

Overall, however, I have to say it was a magical experiences speaking with the designers. They are all hardworking, enthusiastic individuals looking for homes from retailers. Good luck ladies, and hopefully we will be seeing much more from you all in the future!
Designer Showcase Summer Edition
Please check back with us as we will announce details for the Designer Showcase Summer edition shortly. In the mean time, please visit the show’s site for more details on the

Christi Reid is a sophomore at LIM College, a fashion business school, pursuing a degree in management and entrepreneurship. She has a true passion for writing and lingerie. Christi is currently interning for the lingerie store Journelle and has dreams to one day open a lingerie store of her own.

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Andrea Billard, Fred & Ginger &

by Terre Bleu Trading Company

Stacy Shakoor of TerreBleu Trading Company
being filmed by Fernando Cuestas of NandoVision.

Stacy Shakoor of TerreBleu Trading Company
with a customer. 

                    Good Night Gilda

                           Priscilla Jade     

                                Ann Vogue



                                   Toad Lillie

                        Dottie’s Delights

                                     Clare Bare

    The End.. See you in August!

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