Fab Foundations: Taking Action to Grow Your Business

I was talking to a retailer the other day – she was frustrated that her business wasn’t growing like she hoped it would. The economy in her area was flat, she said. Her employees were letting her down.

Just as I was gearing up with some awesome suggestions for ways she could boost her sales and finish 2014 with a BANG she said…

“There’s nothing I can do about it.”

I stopped, mid-breath. If it had been a cartoon, there would have been a word bubble deflating like a used balloon from the corner of my mouth.

She was right.

As soon as anyone decides there’s nothing they can do to grow their business, they are – BY DEFINITION – right.

There are three pieces to making your business everything you want it to be.

First, you have to decide you’re ready for change. MAKE THE CHOICE.
Second, you have to know what you want. DEFINE YOUR GOAL.
Finally, you have to TAKE ACTION to make it happen.

Without making the choice to change, external factors make the choice for you. That retailer basically told me that even though her numbers were down, she wasn’t going to do anything differently.

Sometimes people aim without taking action, which makes their choice irrelevant. You can aim and aim and aim, but being ready and aiming won’t get you anywhere. There are lots of smart people out there who spend all of their time thinking and planning – then they wonder why nothing gets done.

On the other hand, when people take action without aiming, they waste resources. Taking action without aiming is like spinning around and whacking blindly at a piñata. You might get lucky and connect – but most of the time you whiff unless someone guides you in the right direction first.

Who are you going to be going forward?

The person who stays still because they don’t want to change?
The person who thinks and plans but doesn’t pull the trigger?
Or the person who TAKES ACTION and gets some guidance in the right direction?

If your business isn’t providing you EVERYTHING you want it to – the salary, the employees, the LIFE – then ask yourself this question:

What am I going to DO about it?

The companies that will see the most growth in 2015 are the ones that will set clear goals and take action to achieve them.

If you are motivated to take your business to new heights and are ready to act on behalf of your business and yourself, let’s talk. I’m going to be mentoring a few dedicated businesses that want to grow, and want a little guidance to get there.

Want to be considered? Give me a shout and we’ll see if
there’s a fit. 

Ali Cudby is the CEO of Fab Foundations®, a lingerie consulting company that has helped retailers and manufacturers around the world spread their message and elevate their brand. She is the founder of The Intimate Circle, a members-only online learning lounge for retailers, with a focus on business shortcuts, community, and taking lingerie businesses to the next level. She also founded The FabFit™ Academy, an international online bra fit training and certification program. Known as America’s #1 Bra Coach, Ali is the author of the bestselling book on bra fit, Busted! The Fab Foundations® Guide to Bras That FitFlatter and Feel Fantastic.Busted! was an Amazon bestseller for over a year and is also available in a Spanish language version, entitled ¡Tómatelo a Pecho! (roughly translated as “Take it to Heart!”).
Ali can be found on Twitter @alicudby, and you can be a fan of the Ali Cudby’s page on Facebook.

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Baci Lingerie Nominated for Best Lingerie Brand at 2014 ETO Awards

Online Voting Now Open for Baci Lingerie’s Nomination Commemorating Successful Return to UK Market!
Baci Lingerie is nominated for Best Lingerie Brand at the upcoming Erotic Trade Only (ETO) Awards. The nomination, Baci’s second in two years, continues to lock the brand’s foothold in the UK market, where adult industry trade magazine ETO is based.
Voting in the ETO Awards is open to registered trade members; to vote for Baci Lingerie, click here.  Registration to become a trade member is located here.
“We’re honored to be recognized by ETO for our impact on the UK market,” says Baci Lingerie Sales Director Helle Panzieri. “Baci has already released some great new collections in 2014, and we have more on the way, which retailers around the world will love.”
The ETO Awards nomination is the most recent example of media and retailers commending Baci Lingerie’s ambitious 2014 release schedule, which includes new collections, like Corsets by Baci, and refreshed collections. Corsets by Baci are available via all of Baci’s international partners, including its UK partner.
Panzieri adds, “Congratulations to our UK distributor, Kevco, for its Best Lingerie Distributor nomination; Kevco has continued to be the perfect company to represent our UK interests. We look forward to continuing to build the Baci brand in the UK market.”
The 10th Annual ETO Awards Dinner, part of the ETO Show, will be held on June 22 at the Concourse Suite at the NEC Pavilion in Birmingham, UK. The ETO Show will be held at the NEC Pavilion June 22-23.

UK retailers are urged to contact Kevco about Baci Lingerie atsales@kevco.co.uk. For additional information or to become a Baci distributor, email internationalinquiries@baci.com
Electronic versions of the all Baci catalogs, including the new Fetish by Baci line, are available now on Baci’s FTP server (login information available by emailing marketing@baci.com). 
About Baci Lingerie:
Baci Lingerie, which derives its name from the Italian word “kisses,” is a celebration of strong, confident women. Baci’s exquisite lingerie has been making international headlines ever since its debut to the public in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, followed by dominating Paris’ 2011 Salon de la Lingerie Show. The fine fabrics and flattering styles compliment every woman, enhancing her innate and unique sex appeal. The brand continues to evolve with new lines, including White Label, Dreams by Baci, Corsets by Baci, Fetish by Baci, After Dark Hosiery, and Baci Eyelashes. Expanding Baci’s lines to include plus sizes, encourages women to embrace their sexy side and be proud of their body, regardless of their shape and measurements. Baci’s international partners work harmoniously to streamline trends, fashion, and concepts, while carrying the brand and philosophy to women of all walks of life. Baci is the brand to wear, featuring something for everyone and every occasion. Promoting healthy sexual confidence and empowerment, Baci Lingerie “Celebrates Every Woman!” For more information, visit www.Baci.com.
About Erotic Trade Online:
Since it’s launch in July 2003, ETO has become an essential tool and reference source for every company trading in the UK adult sector. ETO is a completely independent publication, which has no links to, or connections with, any other adult business. Published monthly, ETO is freely available to qualifying companies, individuals, retail outlets, and online stores in the UK and, via subscription, to interested worldwide organizations. ETO has influenced the way the UK adult market does business, and over the last nine years has proven itself to be a completely trustworthy reporter of the adult industry, neither displaying preferences nor singling out individuals for unwarranted criticism. The magazine has also changed the way the UK adult market perceives itself; the introduction of the ETO Adult Industry Awards in 2005 gave the industry a stage to recognize and reward excellence in every sector, from retail to manufacturing, and the unique democratic voting system ensures all winners are chosen by the industry as a whole – unlike any other awards in the adult market. For more information, visit http://www.erotictradeonly.comand  http://www.etoshow.com/etoawards/
For international sales information, please contact:
For inquiries regarding New Business Development, please contact:  NBD@Baci.com 
For international inquiries and information on becoming an exclusive Baci Lingerie distributor, contact:internationalinquiries@baci.com 
For general Baci information, please contact:
info@baci.com 818-783-6300
Baci Lingerie Corporate’s social media accounts include:

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LingerieFW: Shibue Couture

                  video by NandoVision
Shibue Couture was born out of necessity when designer Jenny Buettner could not find an undergarment that did not show underneath her sleek silk gown.  Every product on the market showed lines somewhere, whether it be across the hip from panties the touted “no lines,” or shapewear that pushed bulges out over the hips and thighs.

After much trial and error, the No-Line Strapless Panty was born!  Since the launch of its initial product Shibue has expanded to include new and innovate products that solve fashion dilemmas.  Shibue Couture prides itself on blending functionality with practicality, and sexy with classy.  Women of all ages and sizes are encouraged to experience the new freedom offered by Shibue’s products!
*Pictures by Andrew (ADW) & Chang Gao &
Hank Pegeron (Marckit Enterprises)  

For more information go to www.shibuecouture.com  

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