LingerieFW: Shibue Couture

                  video by NandoVision
Shibue Couture was born out of necessity when designer Jenny Buettner could not find an undergarment that did not show underneath her sleek silk gown.  Every product on the market showed lines somewhere, whether it be across the hip from panties the touted “no lines,” or shapewear that pushed bulges out over the hips and thighs.

After much trial and error, the No-Line Strapless Panty was born!  Since the launch of its initial product Shibue has expanded to include new and innovate products that solve fashion dilemmas.  Shibue Couture prides itself on blending functionality with practicality, and sexy with classy.  Women of all ages and sizes are encouraged to experience the new freedom offered by Shibue’s products!
*Pictures by Andrew (ADW) & Chang Gao &
Hank Pegeron (Marckit Enterprises)  

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LingerieFW Continued: Clare Bare

                  video by NandoVision
Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand based in Downtown Los Angeles.  Each piece is hand made using eco-friendly, vintage and salvaged fabrics and trim by a small team of lingerie loving girls.

Starting with a blank canvas, Clare Bare transforms raw materials into unique textiles using organic dyes and original silk-screened artwork.
*Pictures by Andrew (ADW) & 
 Jason Brazie (
Brazie Enterprises)

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LingerieFW Continued: Naked Princess

                  videos by NandoVision
Naked Princess is an award-winning modern boudoir luxury house, passionately creating exquisite beauty & body collections, timeless loungewear & lingerie, and elegant keepsakes.
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       Photos by Andrew (ADW) and
Hank Pegeron (Marckit Enterprises


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LingerieFW Preview

     Video by NandoVision
Over fifteen labels came together to showcase their collections at Lingerie Fashion Week, February 20-22 at Canoe Studios in New York.
Here is a sneak peek of what attendees experienced during those three days.

     Pictures by Brazie Enterprises

Pictures by Hank Pegeron- Marckit Enterprises

        Photos by Andrew (ADW)

           Photos by Momento Tempus
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