The Addict Expose: Angela Friedman S/S 2014

                    by Treacle

Angela Friedman has been on my radar for years, and if the lingerie goddesses believe in any kind of justice, this will be the collection that puts her on everyone else’s lust list as well. I am so excited to show these photos because this is the collection that made me declare Angela Friedman the best luxury lingerie brand of 2013.

Every lingerie addict knows that the editorial is only part of the story. The photos give you a sense of what the pieces look like and how they might fit into your lifestyle, but the things that transform lingerie into an experience of true lingerie are really hard to convey via 
photograph. I saw these pieces in person during last season’s ingerie market, and they are exquisite. The fabric…the stitching…every little detail is in place, and it’s all perfect. And, 
like everything else Angela Friedman designs, each piece can custom made specifically for you in your unique measurements (though, of course, wholesale orders in standardized sizing are 
available for boutiques too).

I really can’t say enough good things about this line. I think it represents a huge leap forward for the designer and, without question, quite firmly places Angela Friedman into the upper 
echelons of luxury lingerie…both in terms of construction and aesthetic. There are pieces here that I think would be at home in any 
lingerie boutique or even a high-end department store. Like I said, if the lingerie goddesses are watching, this year will be Angela Friedman’s year.

What do you think of the S/S 2014 collection? Do you have any favorite pieces? I’m quite partial to the corsets, but I also think that long sheer gown is divine. I’m wearing it in my head on my 
imaginary 1 year anniversary trip to Fiji. 
Please share your thoughts in the comments. All photos by Omi Tanaka.











***Treacle is a 25 year old knickers junkie who started writing because her  friends threatened to tape her mouth shut if she didn’t stop talking about her underwear. As a blogger, she interacts constantly with the people this industry needs most—customers. The Addict Expose is all about bringing you, the lingerie store owner, the perspective of the lingerie consumers.  She welcomes lingerie lovers of every nation and persuasion to her blog, The Lingerie Addict. ***

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Intimate Graphics: Angela Friedman Launch Event

            Intimate Graphics
             by Luis Paredes

Last month, we were treated to Angela Friedman’s launch event showcasing her Versailles collection. It was a beautiful experience that felt more like an adventure than a launch party. The night started out with me and Mozz Manzoor heading out to the gallery where Angela was holding her event. It felt great going to event not tied to the garment district or the showrooms in midtown. We walked inside and were led to the freight elevator.
As we made the slow climb up, I had the urgent sense that I was going to be part of something special. The doors opened and the sound of a violin filled our ears. We were let out into a gorgeous space filled with guests networking and enjoying drinks and pastries.
Off to the side, there was, what could be best described as a set, a miniature world evoking a bygone Baroque world. In the center, a wonderful vintage, velvety blue couch. It looked gorgeous and knowing what Angela’s pieces looked like I couldn’t wait to see the models take their place in this little world.
Angela didn’t disappoint. Everyone was treated to a parade of three models showcasing each of Angela’s stunning pieces. We were able to see Angela’s corsets, slips, kimono robes, lingerie and camisole sets in action with a live violinist in the background. It was magical. We filmed the evening and put together a short video for our readers to enjoy.
If you missed this incredible event, don’t worry, you can also experience Angela’s collection at the Lingerie Designer Showcase this August 5th – 8th at the AKA Hotel here in NYC.
Buyers are encourage to make an appointment with Angela 
For more information, please visit, 

**Intimate Graphics is a column by Luis Paredes on what’s trending in the Intimate Apparel Industry. His design studio, Seven Hills Multimedia, LLC focuses on the design and communication needs of the Lingerie Industry and publishes The Lingerie Journal, a business resource for Lingerie Retailers. **

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Intimate Graphics: Independent Lingerie Trade Show Returns to NYC

                           by Luis Paredes

The Lingerie Designer Showcase, a New York based lingerie trade show of independent designers and brands for buyers looking for innovative, new collections returns this August from the 5th – 8th at the luxurious AKA Hotel and Residences in New York City near Times Square.
The show promotes a collective environment where brands work together to help each other achieve their goals by sharing their industry knowledge and experience. At the same time, the showcase gives buyers the opportunity to meet one-on-one with designers in a relaxed setting.
At this edition of the Showcase, buyers can meet and discover independent lingerie designers such as Carrie Russel of With Love Lingerie; Melissa Franchi of Nevaeh Intimates; Angela Friedman with her vintage-inspired Versailles Collection of intimates and corsets; Clare Herron of Clare Bare Lingerie and the design team of Erica Paul and Courtney Newman of Dirty Dolls Lingerie.
In addition to the Showcase, there will be a lingerie fashion show and networking event on Saturday, August 4th. 
“Our last event sold out within 24 hours and was standing room only,” said Luis Paredes, publisher of the Lingerie Journal. “So check back on the Lingerie Journal to sign up.”

If you’re a boutique owner looking to find exclusive and innovative designers to bring into your store, please take a moment to RSVP for the show: 
For more information, please visit: 
About the Lingerie Designer Showcase
NYC’s first lingerie trade show dedicated to independent designers, the ngerie Designer Showcase, has quickly become the premiere destination for lingerie buyers looking to find the most exciting and unique lingerie brands for their stores all in an intimate and relaxed setting.

**Intimate Graphics is a column by Luis Paredes on what’s trending in the Intimate Apparel Industry. His design studio, Seven Hills Multimedia, LLC focuses on the design and communication needs of the Lingerie Industry and publishes The Lingerie Journal, a business resource for Lingerie Retailers. **

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Angela Friedman AW12

                           by Luis Paredes
Just this past Saturday, Angela Friedman hosted a fashion show in launch of her new collection. Presented in an art gallery, press,buyers, and special guests were treated to models, live music, food and refreshments while learning more about the intricate AW12 collection.
With the vintage trend flourishing who could say no to spectacular Victorian corsets with Baroque detailing? Angela Friedman, designer of the Versailles collection, is well known for her keen eye for detail and exquisite taste in materials. She has spent the past five years developing this line while working diligently in both the fashion and costume industries.
This collection features under and over the bust corsets that give the wearer an awe inspiring hourglass figure. In addition to these steel-boned corsets, there are several sumptuous, drapey silk slips, kimono robes, and camisole sets that lend themselves to utter envy. The whole collection exudes elements of aristocratic flair and femininity.
Wholesale Questions

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