Christine Lingerie Covers Harlequin

Christine Lingerie is now dressing the covers of Harlequin! Harlequin Enterprises Limited is a Toronto-based company that publishes approximately 120 new titles each month in 29 different languages in 107 international markets on six continents. Approximately 131 million of these well known romance novels are purchased each and every year.
The final touches have been made to the Collection and the office is buzzing with excitement as the Curvexpo Lingerie Show draws closer. On February 23, 24 & 25 buyers from all over the world and representatives from the most prestigious boutiques and department stores will be flying into NYC for the show. Christine Lingerie can be found in Booth #530 at the Javits Centre.

Monday February 24th marks the first annual Lingerie Fashion “Night In” to be held at Skyline Studios in TriBeCa. Christine will be presenting three runway looks from her Diva, Garbo, and Gatsby Collections.
The Diva Collection features an exclusive (to Christine) French lace designed into black lace boleros & bodices with Toffee and Ruby jewel tone chemises and bias cut gowns appliquéd with lace and then daringly cut-away. 
The Garbo Collection is made up of best-selling “basic” styles that have been revamped this season to emphasize colour-blocking. Christine’s palate of colours has always been on trend and now best selling kimonos can be banded in contrast adding a heightened sense of drama to her already gorgeous foundations.
The Gatsby Collection is likely the most exciting new direction for the Season. Over the top luxe lounge pants with side-seamed pockets and tunic length camisoles in textured crepe silk are layered under a digital silk print from Italy boasting peacock plumes and bamboo leaves. to make an appointment to see the Collection   

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Holiday Products Now Distributing the “50 Shades of Grey Trilogy”

Holiday Products is stocked and shipping the New York Times Best Seller “50 Shades of Grey Trilogy”. “This type of sexually erotic novel that creates this much buzz doesn’t come around very often” says Susanna Molina, Purchasing Director of Holiday Products.
Susanna goes on to say, “These books have everyone talking about BDSM. Just this weekend I was talking to some girlfriends who know what I do for a living and have never felt comfortable discussing it with me… that is until now. They recently read the Shades of Grey Trilogy and are now asking me questions like “what is a flogger; how do you use lubricant and what type should I use? Of course I was happy to answer all of their questions! Clearly, the crossover of this book is amazing and it is just beginning to have an impact on our sales.”
To order any or all of the Shades of Grey Trilogy or for additional information contact Holiday Products at 800-266-5969 

via McPete Sez Newsletter.