The $1MIL Crowdfunded Condom Hits Stores This Month!



After an overwhelming success on Indiegogo, the LELO HEX™ condom will be available nationwide beginning October 2016

Following a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign raising over one million dollars, LELO is thrilled to announce that their game-changing condom will be sold nationwide in retail stores this month.

LELO, an award-winning Swedish design brand, sought to bring their expertise in designing for pleasure to an industry which – until now – has focused solely on personal care and protection.  With a revolutionary design that maximizes sensation without sacrificing safety, the crowdfunding campaign of the re-engineered condom, LELO HEX, outstripped all expectations: original goals were exceeded by 3247% with a total of over one million dollars raised across both and Indiegogo platforms.


Not only has LELO put the HEX condom into the bedrooms of over 30,000 excited supporters, the brand has successfully re-engaged positive discussions on safe sex, and is the industry’s first true innovation in over 70 years. The brand’s focus is on consumers who are eager for revolutionary change on a product that plays an important role in sexual health.


The LELO HEX is structurally different from other condoms in the market.  It uniquely addresses the most common complaints people have about using condoms. Say goodbye to condoms that slip, break and limit pleasure. The HEX is designed with 350 individual integrated hexagons throughout its ultra-thin latex surface lending extra strength without extra latex. This innovation also allows the HEX to mold to the uniqueness of the wearer and reduces the chance of slippage for a more pleasurable, uninterrupted experience.

On a mission to revolutionize condom technology with both safety and pleasure in mind, LELO HEX will launch in 3 and 12 packs at and Target stores nationwide beginning in October.


LELO Offers Condom-Innovation to Durex & Trojan for 1 Million USD to Change an Industry

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 ‘The Condom of the Future’ Sparks Surge in Awareness for Condoms and STIS

Swedish designer brand LELO continues to shake up the condom industry with its landmark innovation LELO HEX™ by laying down a million dollar offer to the world’s three biggest condom brands, Trojan, Durex and Ansell, to access its new technology and start innovating again. This comes as part of its global launch campaign for its re-engineered condom, LELO HEX™, which seeks to change people’s minds about condoms by changing the condom itself.


  • LELO offers Durex, Trojan, Ansell chance to study ground-breaking HEX™ technology with new 1 million dollar ‘perk’
  • Google searches on condoms hit a 2016 peak after LELO HEX™ launches last week
  • More than 500,000 condoms sold on since LELO HEX™ launched on June 14th
  • 2000 articles published referencing condoms and STIs since launch as global media takes up the fight in raising awareness

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Launched on June 14th with the controversial choice of Charlie Sheen as its spokesperson, LELO HEX™ is described as the first major condom innovation in 70 Years, and the Swedish designers have already sold more than 500,000 condoms in the first two weeks via and its Indiegogo campaign. Now the Swedish company has offered the world’s three leading condom brands the chance to take a closer look at the technology behind LELO HEX™ to bring innovation to their production lines.

LELO claims its key discovery on launching LELO HEX™ was to recognize that it was not the latex material of condoms that needed to change, but the structure of itself. But launching their new condom required more than 3 years of testing and refinement, from developing a new technique for integrating the HEX™ pattern via the condom molds, to defining the precise depth and thickness of the hexagonal web for the best experience possible.

LELO’s CMO Steve Thomson said, “The world’s three biggest condom brands, Durex, Trojan and Ansell, have all existed for close to 100 years. That’s great for a brand like Louis Vuitton that specializes in designer bags, but not so good for a company focused on medical devices. These companies have a responsibility to innovate, to keep meeting the demands of consumers, especially when interest in condoms is flat-lining so clearly. Our goal is not to criticize these companies who provide a vital product, but to light a fire under the condom industry and get everyone innovating again.”

Since last week, LELO has even taken its campaign to the streets of Slough, home to the headquarters of Reckitt Benkiser who own Durex and roughly 40% of the $3.9 billion global market for condoms, to challenge the company to invest more in innovation. From the middle of last week, LELO HEX™ took over the town with posters, billboards and ad vans communicating that ‘the condom is out of date’ and that the time for change is now.

Thomson continues, “People are often scared to criticize the condom, because it’s so essential in the fight against STIs. But if no-one demands change, nothing changes. It’s clear consumer interest and usage could be much, much higher. We feel the major condom brands have a responsibility to innovate too.”

“The major condom brands can be as much as 1000 times the size of LELO, but LELO has succeeded in changing the design of the condom and got people excited again. So we’re offering them the chance to explore our innovation first hand and take the next steps. This industry needs to compete on the basis of innovation, not the number of packs on shelves. It’s only then that the consumer wins, and STIs lose out.”


Over the coming weeks, LELO plans to blow open the challenges of the condom industry, and explain why so little innovation has occurred since the reservoir tip and lubricant was added to condoms back in the 1950s. Even those new condom projects famously backed by Bill & Melinda Gates are yet to reach the market, which is what makes LELO’s intervention so impactful. While the Charlie Sheen alignment has sparked a huge amount of debate, LELO HEX™ has been praised in the global media and by KOLs/ influencers alike as a genuine step forward.

We all need to learn from our mistakes, and it’s wonderful to see Charlie Sheen spread the word about Hex condoms and the importance of safer sex that doesn’t need to compromise sensual sex, says Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and author of She Comes First.

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, thought leader in the field of sexual health and AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, says: “I hope with this new product in the market, we could question the status quo to eventually elevate condoms value to where it should be. In all honesty, condoms are still the most valuable protective products against STIs in the market. This is only the physical part of it, psychologically Condom’s value could be arguably even more since it could put the minds of the ones engaged in a sexual act at ease, therefore there would be less inhibitions and more allowance to explore and experience pleasure.”

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The LELO HEX™ campaign ―on both and Indiegogo―has already surpassed their goal of attracting 10,000 backers to pledge to try this new condom in advance. As a result, the company confirmed it has fast-forwarded production to meet the surge in demand during its launch phase. The campaign is available to view on and the Indiegogo crowdfunding site, which specializes in pre-market launches.



Negative Underwear’s Girls I Know Campaign

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We come in all shapes, curves, sizes, styles.

Not one the same – but certainly a shared semblance.

negativegirlsNegative x Girls I Know is a collaboration that celebrates women.

In a category that tends to promote one way, we aim to show many – to redefine what it means to feel feminine and sexy in your own skin, in your own way. Because as girls, we support other girls (and the girls, too).

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HoloFilm Productions’ Indiegogo Campaign Gets a Boost with Perks from Adult Stars 

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Virtual Reality content company HoloFilm Productions is one week into its ‘Give Porn a Hand’ Indiegogo campaign to raise $250,000 to create fully holographic virtual reality porn and is already adding NEW special adult industry perks for its VIP donors, thanks to the growing support of adult industry’s biggest stars.

In addition to the current perk packages available on the Indiegogo site, including memberships to VR content sites, a VR cardboard viewing headset and the opportunity to direct a HoloFilm Production Still Hologram shoot, other added perks include:

holofilms holofilms1$250 – VR Casting Call – Crowdfunding donors to HoloFilm’s Indiegogo site will be treated to a background role in an upcoming Manuel Ferrara / Kayden Kross XXX production in Los Angeles

$250 – VR Talk: Alex Legend – Five fans will receive a 15-minute Skype conversation with male adult newcomer Legend, who will give pointers on how to break into the XXX biz and 1 month membership to his new website

$300 – VR Talk: Seka –  10 fans will receive a 15-minute phone call from adult film legend Seka and receive a personalized signed copy of her autobiography Seka: The Platinum Princess of Porn

$300 – VR Talk: Penny Pax – 10 fans will receive a 15-minute Skype conversation with Pax plus a one-month membership to the star’s official site

$300 – VR Talk: Cherie DeVille –  10 fans will receive a 15-minute Skype conversaton with DeVille plus a personalized signed 8×10 photo and DVD

$350 – VR Talk: Kayden Kross – 10 lucky fans will receive a 15-minute phone call from Kross and a one-month membership to her site

$350 – VR Talk: Manuel Ferrara – 10 fans will receive a 15-minute phone call from Ferrara and one-month membership to his site

$500 – VR On Location – Donors will score an invitation to hang out on the set with Manuel Ferrara and Kayden Kross and find out what really goes on behind the scenes at a porn shoot

$750 – VR Double Date – Two $750 supporters will enjoy a double date over lunch with adult stars Penny Pax and Alex Legend in LA

$1000 – VR Let’s Do Lunch – Four lucky Indiegogo donors will score a lunch date with Manuel Ferrara in LA

$1500 – VR Red Carpet: AVN – This package gives one fan the experience of a night out during the Oscars of porn with a walk down the red carpet plus 2 VIP passes to the January 23, 2016 show

$1500 – VR Red Carpet: XBIZ – One fan will be a guest at the adult industry’s biggest night with a walk down the red carpet and 2 VIP tickets to the XBIZ Awards January 15, 2016

“We believe so strongly in our ‘Give Porn a Hand campaign that adult performers are coming out to support this new technology,” says Brian Shuster, spokesman for the campaign. “Virtual reality headsets will be on sale in a few months and they’re going to need high quality VR content that blows fans’ minds. That’s where we come in.”

The world’s first Hologram porn scenes were released last week, along with the world’s first Synthologram porn videos that feature 2015 performer of the year Anikka Albrite, 2015 Best New Starlet Nom August Ames, and Performer and Director of the year Manuel Ferrara along with the amazing talents of Adriana Sephora and Karlie Montana.

The new crowdfunded content will be released for viewing using Virtual Reality headsets, as well as in normal HD formats for fans who don’t have a VR headset yet. Sample non-nude non-video hologram content is available for previewing with or without a headset.

The crowd-fund campaign is being hosted by Indiegogo and can be found at

About HoloFilm Productions
HoloFilms is a new studio developing and utilizing Holographic, Synthologram™ and Holographic Avatar technologies to create content for Virtual Reality.  The studio was founded this year by legendary adult industry technologist Brian Shuster, founder of XPics Publishing in 1995 and Red Light Center in 2003.

For more information about HoloFilm Productions, please visit

For more information about the upcoming campaign #GivePornAHand, please visit