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Introducing the MENG S/S 17 women’s loungewear collection. Drawing on the folk stories of China and Europe, we celebrate personal freedom and the natural world through a collection of intricately printed silk pajamas, kimonos, robes and kaftans. Each is embellished with our signature handdrawn artwork and dazzling colour palette in a series of luxurious, supremely comfortable designs.

The Eastern princess, coveted for her beauty in the gilded cage of the Emperor’s palace, breaks the bounds of ritual to join with the sky, the air and nature. Lanterns, throne and portraits are replaced with dance, movement and play.
The story is reflected through a contrast of silhouettes, prints and hues that move between the formal and free, as mix and match pieces create a sense of personal expression.

Our original hand-drawn artworks bloom into life as prints and jacquard weaves. Discover cherry blossoms, fantastical song birds, polka dots and psychedelic chrysanthemums – some in neat repeats, others wild and gloriously free.

Cloths include silk jacquard, smooth silk satin and sheer georgette. A reflective and introspective palette contrasts with softly feminine hues and bright dream colours. Deep burgundy and teal, cool cream, silver grey and seafoam, are accented with terracotta red, rose and a myriad of blues.

Pyjamas, kimonos, long and short robes and kaftans are framed with contrast colour and print edgings and linings.

Meng-SS17-loungewear-1 Meng-SS17-loungewear-2 Meng-SS17-loungewear-3 Meng-SS17-loungewear-4 Meng-SS17-loungewear-5 Meng-SS17-loungewear-6 Meng-SS17-loungewear-7 Meng-SS17-loungewear-8 Meng-SS17-loungewear-9 Meng-SS17-loungewear-10 Meng-SS17-loungewear-11 Meng-SS17-loungewear-12 Meng-SS17-loungewear-13 Meng-SS17-loungewear-14 Meng-SS17-loungewear-15 Meng-SS17-loungewear-16 Meng-SS17-loungewear-17 Meng-SS17-loungewear-18 Meng-SS17-loungewear-19 Meng-SS17-loungewear-20 Meng-SS17-loungewear-21 Meng-SS17-loungewear-22 Meng-SS17-loungewear-23 Meng-SS17-loungewear-24 Meng-SS17-loungewear-25 Meng-SS17-loungewear-26 Meng-SS17-loungewear-27 Meng-SS17-loungewear-28 Meng-SS17-loungewear-29 Meng-SS17-loungewear-30 Meng-SS17-loungewear-31 Meng-SS17-loungewear-32 Meng-SS17-loungewear-33For more information about MENG please go to


Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2013

Moves to combat government-led manipulation of exchange rates have been welcomed by pressure groups and lobbying organizations in the US.
The bi-partisan Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform Act of 2013, supported by eight Senators from both parties, has been endorsed by the Fair Currency Coalition (FCC), an alliance of business, agriculture and labor interests, and by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM).
The FCC said competitive currency depreciation had become more prevalent over the last two years, claiming that it distorted as much as one-third of the global economy.
Urging the Obama Administration to back the bill, the FCC said: “Manipulated exchange rates subvert the normal working of market forces, skew trade and investment flows, and enable foreign governments to pick winners and losers among American industry.”
The measures are particularly targeted at China, which stands accused of maintaining the yuan at an artificially low level in order to benefit the country’s economy.
“The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act is a commonsense bill and should be passed and signed into law,” said AAM president Scott Paul.
“Congress has acted on China’s currency in 2005, 2010, and 2011.
“I hope 2013 is the year that both the House and Senate finally pass this commonsense legislation.” 

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Cotton Dyeing Process is Devastating China’s Waterways

The textile industry urgently needs to develop less polluting technologies for dyeing cotton, since the process is having a devastating effect on China’s waterways, according to the president and CEO of environmental group Sea Research Foundation.
The cotton dyeing industry consumes large quantities of water and toxic chemicals that are often returned to rivers in such a highly polluted state that they make waterways unsafe, said Dr Stephen Coan, president and CEO of Sea Research Foundation.
The amount of water needed to dye each year’s supply of cotton is the equivalent of the drinking water for every person on the planet for 141 days.
Citing a new study called Cleaning Up the Fashion Industry, which was prepared by five environmental groups, Coan said the textile industry in China discharged 2.5m metric tons of sewage in 2010, making it the nation’s third-largest water polluter.
“In the long run, all of us are harmed,” Coan said, “because many of the chemicals used in the dyeing process either make the land that absorbs them permanently infertile or they run into rivers, lakes, reservoirs and, ultimately, the oceans, poisoning the waters on which the world’s population depends for life.”
Coan is calling for the textile industry to introduce different methods for dyeing cotton. “That’s a serious challenge, in large part because the damage that the dyeing process inflicts on the environment is not widely known,” he said.
“But the ultimate issue here is protecting the world’s waterways and oceans as well as making a life-or-death difference for hundreds of millions of people.”

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Cotton Planting Drops 10% in China

Cotton planting in China has dropped by 10% in major growing regions as labor costs increased, cutting profits, according to reports.
The Yangtze River and Yellow River areas, which account for more than 60% of the country’s output saw the largest declines, Bloomberg said.
Planting in China may drop by 9.2% in 2012 as high costs and falling prices have cut its appeal, China Cotton Association vice president Gao Fang said. The government has said it will continue to buy new crop cotton at above-market prices to boost planting.
It will continue to stockpile locally produced cotton to stem the decline in prices and protect farmer interests.
It will buy new crop cotton at CNY2,400 a ton. 

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