Lipgloss & Lace: Dimanche Lingerie

               by Mandie Mutchie

In this edition of Lipgloss & Lace, I’d love to profile another brand –Dimanche Lingerie and its sister Rosa Selvatica. I know – it’s another European brand – but maybe that’s because I will possibly going to to visit Europe hopefully in a few weeks!

Dimanche Lingerie began in 2002 and prides itself on exuding eternal femininity. It is more about classic beauty than making an extra effort to be daring. The Italian designers of this flirtatious brand make it their aim to anticipate and satisfy the desires of all of its customers. There are 11 classic collections, totaling over 140 items.

Rosa Selvatica, (“Wild Rose”), is Dimanche’s younger sister. It is still an Italian line with high-quality materials that comprise fashionable and comfortable undergarments, but Rosa Selvatica has its own unique flavor and colors, since 2010.
This line maintains classic beauty while also staying current with fashion trends – and sometimes creating trends itself! There are seven classic collections in this line, with more than 70 different items from which you may choose.

Both brands focus on high-quality garments and employees, with special attention given to the environment and sustainability. The majority of the designers are graduates from Domus Academy, which is a school Southwest of Milan, where students are encouraged to dream and exercise their creativity.

The classic collections from each brand are always available in their warehouses, but they also offer fashion collections with items that will not repeat. Dimanche and Rosa Selvatica plan to
release 25 different new fashion collections over the course of 2014, which is something we can definitely anticipate gladly!

Here are some of my favorite pieces! Go ahead and give them a “like” on facebook, while you’re at it!

Favorite pieces:



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Introducing Dimanche Lingerie to the US Market

DIMANCHE LINGERIE is one of the few lingerie brands that are the embodiment of eternal femininity. This young Italian brand is firmly holding the high positions on the global lingerie market producing excellent undergarments since 2004.
Dimanche Lingerie undergarments impersonate a delicate intimation and flirtation that excites the imagination and makes women feel even more attractive and desirable.

Luxurious individuality
The success of Dimanche Lingerie on the world market is due primarily to the fact that the designers of this brand seek to anticipate and satisfy all the desires of customers. Dimanche Lingerie creates comfortable unique design and high quality production focusing on the latest world fashion trends of women’s undergarments in terms of shapes and colors.
Designers create a whole world of lingerie that is filled with luxurious individuality and feminine sensuality.

Dimanche Lingerie primarily is a state of mind, the search for the true femininity, not burdened by the
endeavor to make a defiant and provocative lingerie. It allows woman to stay herself and preserve identity, to feel relaxation and stay calm no matter what is going on around.

Art of Seduction
Dimanche Lingerie undergarments are the culmination of knowledge and technology in conjunction with a
variety of shapes, materials and colors that are not simply comply with all the fashion trends, but create new trends. The unique combination of know-how and recent developments in the weaving industry field allowed to create amazing shades, exceptional shapes and gorgeous details in new recent collections.
You will find a variety of models, colors and sizes, which definitely makes this lingerie brand very popular and attractive.

All products are manufactured using high-grade and high-quality materials under strict control. Only qualified suppliers whose products are compliant with oeko-tex standard 100 work with the manufacturer. The standard describes a variety of criteria and allowable values for testing for harmful substances contained in the material.

The great attention is paid to environmental and durability of the products.
Most of the designers who create collections Dimanche Lingerie come from the creative school called Domus Academy that is located in the South-West of Milan. Designers are not afraid to experiment and dream. They were able to combine their classic Italian corset collection school and the current fashion trends.

For more information stop by and meet Dimanche at CURVENY on Feb. 23, 24 & 25 2014. Booth # 104 or go to

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