New Eco-Friendly Nightwear Brand Celebrates the Goddess within Every Woman

Rusalka Lingerie introduces a new collection of luxurious natural lingerie with comfort in mind and elegance at heart.

Rusalka Lingerie launches a new brand of elegant eco-friendly lingerie and loungewear. Providing luxury designs made from the highest quality of silk and eco-friendly bamboo, Rusalka transforms the way women dress at home, blending elegance with comfort. Begin and end your day with a soft, air-light and warm touch of the finest silk to celebrate the goddess within.

6a13578f269cb066e9a8bb863bd2 86ff02cc2419bf7ce6ec53af4563 40464806419aff0bc893a5b3641a f472e1a6975944f27a09d9c2cb75“While other brands focus on two extremes of creating casual nightwear or sexy lingerie, I believe you can have the best of both worlds. Our eco-friendly materials make women not only look, but also feel good in their homes. Our new brand is dedicated to looking your best without sacrificing comfort,” says Elena Burlando, Founder and Designer for Rusalka Lingerie.

The new collection is inspired by Mihail Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”, which portrays an unconditional love story. To show her affection to the Master, Margarita goes to the extremes and even hosts a devil’s ball. The dramatic tendency of this intense love story is transferred to the designs using a contrasting color palette and dramatic neckline on the slips and camisoles.

Rusalka was created in 2012 and means “mermaid” in Russian. Rusalka underlines the feminine essence and embraces the transformation from a girl to a woman, induced by a balance between comfort and elegance.

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LingerieFW Continued: Clare Bare

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Clare Bare is a sustainable lingerie brand based in Downtown Los Angeles.  Each piece is hand made using eco-friendly, vintage and salvaged fabrics and trim by a small team of lingerie loving girls.

Starting with a blank canvas, Clare Bare transforms raw materials into unique textiles using organic dyes and original silk-screened artwork.
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Vintage Heartland Promises New Jobs in Nashville Tennessee in 2014

Vintage Heartland to Build a Unique High Tech Green Apparel Factory in Nashville Tennessee.
Dedicating over three years to creating a business model and researching new technology to build an eco-friendly factory in Nashville, Tennessee, Vintage Heartland, a lingerie and apparel brand, plans to open their first facility this year. Owner of the brand, Kate Liegey, believes that the factory will help open the path to changing the apparel manufacturing industry in America – something that is long overdue. The Vintage Heartland factory plans to be environmentally-friendly featuring new, top of the line automated machinery, digital printing, and innovative technology in design and patternmaking that will reduce cost and time, allowing the factory to manufacture more products at lower price points.
Since meeting with Chinese officials to set up distribution in China last year, Vintage Heartland has garnered wide popularity within Asia. With over 60% of the Chinese consumer demanding products made in the U.S., Liegey set up a revenue stream with a Chinese distribution channel that will sell their product and will in turn be able to offer huge revenues to help fund more jobs and boost the American economy.

“There are about 500 factories that have made in America products and factories for apparel in the USA. There is only a 10%-20% price difference between manufacturing here than in manufacturing overseas-with the right business model.” Liegey said. The new factory will be part of a solution to offer news jobs for local Nashville “Wounded Warriors,” allowing them to learn new technical skills. “This factory can change the opinion of a typical factory worker job by giving them the chance to learn new high tech skills, with higher paid jobs and incentives to grow the business,” concludes Liegey. Vintage Heartland plans to hire over 100 employees who will be able to enjoy additional amenities such as an on-site wellness center, a garden with flexible hours and an energy efficient factory with clean air.

For local support, Liegey and the Vintage Heartland team have met with Bill Hagery, the commissioner of Department of Economic and Community Development for Tennessee, the Mayor’s office in Nashville as well as Start Up Tennessee who are all on board with this concept. The government officials of Tennessee and Vintage Heartland are all excited about this factory and the possibilities it can bring to Tennessee in the near future.

About Vintage Heartland:
Inspired by the romantic love stories sung in country music,Vintage Heartland took their two loves of country music and vintage style and fused them into creating the Vintage Heartland Brand for intimate apparel. So no matter where you live, north, south, east or west, in a big city or a small town, there is always a little bit of a Vintage Heartland girl in all of us.

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