Beyoncé Wore LIVIAR During Pregnancy Announcement


LIVIAR, Start-up Luxury Lingerie Brand Made in the US, Featured in Beyonce’ Record-Breaking Instagram Pregnancy Announcement

It’s been quite a week at the start-up luxury lingerie brand, LIVIARA. Ever since America’s pop-culture queen, Beyoncé, wore the LIVIARA Powder Blue Dauphine panty in her record-breaking Instagram pregnancy announcement, the LIVIARA team has been happily fielding interviews, fulfilling orders and taking advantage of the unexpected and unimaginable exposure.

Being a part of the #1 Instagram post by Beyoncé herself has tripled LIVIARA’s sales in the past week, massively increased website traffic and catapulted the brand into the spotlight. CEO and Founder Kara Gatto was as surprised as anyone else. “We were ecstatic. We really had no idea that she was going to use one of our pieces,” Gatto said. “We couldn’t be more thankful and we feel really blessed that she made us part of her special announcement.”

wpe4The American-made luxury lingerie brand just launched last November and has hit the ground running. LIVIARA does everything – design, manufacturing, logistics and customer service – from their 3-story building in the heartland of the U.S.  Although it is anything but a typical manufacturing building. It much more closely resembles a vibrant state-of-the-art workshop with light filled open spaces, exposed hot pink ceilings and large elegant artwork. LIVIARA focuses on supporting the passions of their employees as they create their beautiful collection.

With a staff of 37 employees that currently includes 24 seamstresses, LIVIARA’s mission is to revolutionize luxury lingerie through empowerment, quality, and innovation.  LIVIARA understands that luxury begins with quality. Accordingly, each piece of LIVIARA lingerie is made from real silk, the finest lace, and 24-karat gold-plated accessories.

Impeccably designed and hand-crafted, LIVIARA’s lines are created in the spirit of the empowered woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it. “It was exciting to see Beyoncé wearing one of our pieces because she embodies the spirit of female empowerment which is an integral part of our brand voice,” Gatto said. “She really fits the brand impeccably.” LIVARA believes in the empowerment of every individual to express all sides of one’s self in a culture of acceptance, creativity, and freedom of expression.

Similarly, Marie Antoinette, both the revered and the damned final queen of France, is the inspiration for the 2017 inaugural collection. Literally fit for royalty, LIVIARA’s initial two lines – Beloved and Condemned– captures the storyline of a beloved female gone rogue. Every year, LIVIARA will choose a different revolutionary woman to use as inspiration for their new collection. Each collection will focus on the dichotomy between the soft and romantic and the bold and rebellious.

About LIVIARA: Founder and CEO, Kara Gatto, launched LIVIARA in the spirit of the empowered woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it. The entire collection is carefully hand-crafted in the United States at LIVIARA’s new state-of-the-art workshop. Initially launching as an e-commerce retailer, Gatto has already expanded distribution to luxury boutiques and plans to further distribution through retail partnerships, as well as avant-garde brick and mortar retail space in select cities in 2017.

LIVIARA is quickly becoming known for their use of high-end materials and unique way of creating powerful bondage style pieces. LIVIARA’s collection of exquisite bras, corsets, panties and garter sets feature the finest lace, indulgent silk, and gold-plated accents. Understanding that emboldened confidence demands a personal fit, LIVIARA intimates are currently available in sizes ranging from 32A-G, 34A-G, 36A-F, and 38A-DD and bottoms from XS-XL. LIVIARA will continue to expand their size range throughout 2017.



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Esty Lingerie Launches New Collection, Black and White

Esty Lingerie is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest own-brand collection, Black and White.

The 14-piece collection is handmade in the UK, with each design available in black and silver or white and gold.

12 of the 14 pieces are entirely hand-sewn from luxury satin elastic and beautiful laces, finished with hard-wearing metal components, pearl beads and crystals.
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Black and White is available to buy now, exclusively at Esty Lingerie.

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