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Engadget editors award OhMiBod highest honor at world’s largest electronics show

OhMiBod was named winner of the “Digital Health and Fitness Product” category at the International CES® 2016 “Best of CES Awards.” The company won for its new Lovelife krush Kegel exerciser. Chosen from thousands of companies appearing at CES 2016, OhMiBod’s first internable product stood out to Engadget’s editors for its level of innovation, quality of design, overall efficiency and market demand. Winners were chosen in 16 different categories.


The new Lovelife krush is connected via BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and equipped with built-in sensor technology. The Kegel exerciser is also an internable — a new class of health-monitoring devices that are located within the body instead of worn externally. These advanced features make the Lovelife krush a natural evolution of OhMiBod’s growing line of connected pleasure products.

“We were impressed by OhMiBod’s vision and execution, and it had the buzz of the show as one of the best innovations to come out of CES this year,” said Michael Gorman, Editor in Chief of Engadget. “Over the last five days we’ve evaluated thousands of devices and products to find the technologies that will change the industry and our lives. OhMiBod clearly was the best in show in ‘Digital Health and Fitness Product’.”

Lovelife krush was designed specifically for women—many of whom experience a weakening of the pelvic floor due to childbirth and age.

“This honor from Engadget is more than a win for OhMiBod. It’s a victory for women’s sexual health,” said Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod. “We’re thrilled that the CES community voted to shine a light on the importance sexual health and well-being for adult women around the world. ”

Lovelife krush works with OhMiBod’s new TASL app to measure the pressure, control, endurance, and grip of PC muscles and help women strengthen them through training challenges. Stronger PC muscles improve sexual pleasure and also aid in keeping incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse at bay.

Lovelife krush will be available in spring 2016. Lovelife krush can be preordered at lovelifetoys.com for $75, a significant discount from the retail price of $129 through the end of January. Customers who preorder the krush received Lovelife natural intimate lubricant as a complimentary gift with their purchase.

Editors at Engadget presented this year’s official “Best of CES” award winners. Along with widespread coverage and exposure across Engadget’s networks, OhMiBod was awarded a custom-produced trophy on the Engadget stage during the final ceremonies, broadcast live on Engadget.com,thego90 app, HuffPost Live and AOL.com.

The Best of CES Awards Program started over a decade ago to celebrate the innovation and noteworthy products on display at the International CES each year. Engadget returns for its third year adjudicating the official Awards in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association. CES® is a registered trademark of the Consumer Electronics Association.

About OhMiBod

OhMiBod is the creator of the original music vibrator and an award-winning innovator of technology-focused pleasure products. Headquartered in New Hampshire, USA, OhMiBod seeks to be the catalyst that shifts cultural attitudes toward intimacy and self pleasure and the vital role it plays in one’s sexual health and well being. For more information on OhMiBod and its range of pleasure products and accessories, visit www.OhMiBod.com.

About Engadget

Engadget was founded in 2004 as a devoted, real-time source for tech news. Now in its second decade as a leading technology and culture publication, Engadget’s web, mobile, and Flipboard presence has grown to reach over 25 million unique readers per month. In addition to producing its own successful series of offline events with the Engadget Live series, Engadget is also the official partner of the Best of CES Awards and has been the Official Online News Source for the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics since 2009. Find Engadget online at www.engadget.com and in the iTunes and Google Play stores.


JOYDIVISION to Exhibit at eroFame 2015 October 7 – 9

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European Leader in Adult Pleasure Products to Debut XPANDER Prostate Stimulator, COSMOPOLITAN Signature & Other New Products in Hannover, Germany!

JOYDIVISION’s North American and German divisions will exhibit at eroFame in Hannover, Germany, October 7-9. Besides presenting its current and well-known bestsellers, such as AQUAglide, BIOglide, and Soft-Tampons, JOYDIVISION will also be showcasing a variety of brand new products.

Among the company’s new product releases, the XPANDER series (http://XPANDER.com) is already garnering massive interest by retailers, as a one-of-a-kind, new generation of prostate stimulators. The innovative product concept allows for a unique sexual experience.

“We did not simply extend the series of our successful prostate stimulators, Booster and Booster Pro, but we have constructed a completely new kind of stimulator,” says JOYDIVISION CEO Oliver Redschlag. “By developing XPANDER, we have managed to solve the lack of innovation in prostate stimulators currently offered in the market, and have developed an entirely new technology.”

Continues Redschlag, “With XPANDER, retailers will win new customers in the growing segment of Male Toys. The fact that it is manufactured in Germany should make our product even more compelling. We invite all our partners to stop by our booth to see XPANDER and how it revolutionizes prostate stimulation.”

JOYDIVISION USA’s Executive VP, Bianca Kuennecke, and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Marcus West, will also be at eroFame to meet with international partners, both established and new. In addition to presenting the JOYDIVISION catalog of products, the JOYDIVISION team will launch multiple new retail planograms and marketing programs to assist their distributor and retail partners’ efforts.

“We are continuously working to build and develop tools to help our partners expand our brand presence, and assist with consumer sell-through,” says West.  “JOYDIVISION is committed to cutting-edge market tools, which grow our businesses collectively. We are looking forward to rolling these new tools out over the Holiday season.”

Attendees who stop by the JOYDIVISION booth will also be in for a treat: with the upcoming collaboration with Cosmopolitan for a signature line of products, JOYDIVISION is looking forward to providing a sneak peak of the new branded line. Fully embraced as a creative partner, JOYDIVISION will be presenting toys and lubricants, as well as massage and beauty products, under the Cosmopolitan banner, intended to give the range dimensionality to meet a variety of consumer needs.

Cosmopolitan empowers women to embrace their sexuality in a safe, fun, and healthy way,” says Kunnecke. “Now, there’s a high-quality, upscale line of products with the same mission.”

JOYDIVISION will be located at Booths 190 and 191 at eroFame. For those interested in booking an appointment with the JOYDIVISION team, please email Sales@myJOYDIVISION.com.

Held at the Hannover Fair and Expo Playgrounds October 7-9, eroFame is the essential international B2B trade show, free to all trade members in the erotic toy, fashion, pharmaceutical, movies, magazine, and consumables markets. The intention of eroFame is to offer a platform for erotic products outside the hardcore industry. While the three-day event has a clear focus on the economic interests of the participants, eroFame also represents an opportunity to establish new business relationships and expand personal and individual networks, including the “eroFame Oktoberfest“ and the coveted Erotix Awards. For more information on the convention, visit http://erofame.eu.

For more information on JOYDIVISION USA, visit http://myJOYDIVISION.com.


Starting in 1994 with just an idea, a single item, and a garage as an office, JOYDIVISION now offers over 250 premium lifestyle products and holds several patents. A recipient of various international awards for outstanding quality and innovative design, and many loyal customers worldwide, JOYDIVISION’s ongoing mission to “color up your love life” is reflected through the ‘JOY’ approach in both by the company’s desire to create trend-setting products and to surround itself with dedicated people.

Headquartered in Hannover, Germany, JOYDIVISION celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2014 as a leading brand in the European market for sexual wellness products. Along with distribution networks in over 60 countries, JOYDIVISION established a fully owned subsidiary in Atlanta, GA, in November 2013. JOYDIVISION USA now distributes its line of sensual body massage oils and candles, lubricants, state-of-the-art vibrators, to the North American market, as well as its widely acclaimed Joyballs Secret Kegel exercisers, voted Best Female Product in 2013.

All products are manufactured in Germany and live up to the highest quality standards in the industry. For more information, visit http://myJOYDIVISION.com.

JOYDIVISION USA Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JOYDIVISION_USA

Facebook: https://facebook.com/myJOYDIVISION


For Retail and Distribution Inquiries, Please Contact:



Lipgloss & Lace: Exercise Like A Jellyfish!

               by Mandie Mutchie

As you know, one of my passions outside of lingerie is fitness, also known as helping people look and feel better in their lingerie.

When I came across this article, I couldn’t pass it by – it’s about fitness, but not just for a better lingerie body – for better sex!

Most people in this industry are probably familiar with Kegel exercises, and that if women do them regularly, they can improve their quality of sexual intercourse! These exercises, which strengthen the pelvic floor, also have medical benefits – supporting the spine, keeping your internal organs in and supported (keeping your
organs in is always a plus), and maintaining continence.

But what I was surprised to discover was that most people who do kegels do them incorrectly! The author of the article recommends that they are done in a standing position, and that you focus just as much on relaxing the muscles and contracting them. I highly recommend that you read the article for more information if this is
something of interest to you!

I want to take a moment to reiterate why fitness is so important to me, and why it should be important to you, too.

When I write that I want people to look and feel better in lingerie, it’s not because I think that there is a specific ideal body for lingerie.
Honestly, I feel that anyone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin has a sexy lingerie body!

But I firmly believe that the healthier your body is, the more confident and comfortable you feel. I believe that fitness and great nutrition builds confidence, for so many reasons beyond their physiological effects. Selecting a program and sticking to it gives people a sense of accomplishment, which builds confidence, too!

I know that beginning a fitness journey, or nutritional journey, can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming. There are lots of different conflicting pieces of advice and “wisdom” that can be difficult to navigate.

I want you to know that if you ever have any questions, or if your customers ever bring up a fitness need, that I can be your go-to source of information and FREE help. Just send me a message on facebook or an email through my website, and I will be happy to help you achieve your goals, and feel more confident in lingerie (or with it off)!



Amanda Mutchie began her professional modeling career nearly ten years ago, and has appeared in many national and international publications, and commercials. Over the course of her modeling career, she worked with many acclaimed makeup artists, learning from them along the way. She eventually became a makeup artist herself and started FaceScape Artistry. Now she works with incredible photographers, models, and other clients to create glamorous as well as natural makeup looks. She also channels her passion for fitness and nutrition and desire to help others into her work as a fitness professional, and is completing her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

For more information on Mandie go to www.MandieM.com,  email Mandie at mandelicious@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter & Instagram @mandelicious. Don’t forget to “like” her pages on facebook, too!www.facebook.com/MandieLM  & www.facebook.com/FaceScapeArtistry
picture by Michael Coakes – www.coakes.com 

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