Third Time’s the Charm

The Halloween industry is quite busy churning out
1,000’s of costumes per year. Many sexy costumes from at least one hundred different manufactures.
So it’s kind of surprising when one of your costumes
gets singled out on television. It’s even more of a
surprise when 3 of your designs get chosen. Well that’s what happened to Mark Behar who’s 99% salesman 1% designer.

A couple of years ago The Ellen Degeneres show called and wanted to include Behar’s Nemo costume on her show.
Being that Ellen played the incredibly well liked Dori
in the hit movie it was a natural.
The “Finding Nemo” segment was hysterical stating that it looked like Nemo went to Hooters. The costume proved to be a certified number one hit for a couple of years.

It did come as a shock to Behar when two of his other designs hit the airwaves. Degeneres once again found one of Mark’s designs; the Chocolate Chip Cookie sold exclusively and featured it on the hit show. Ellen stated “nothing says sexy like a half eaten cookie”.

The 3rd and final design that made the air waves, really had everyone laughing. Mark’s sexy Jolly Ranchers were being named one of the ten worst sexy costumes of the year. The Jolly Rancher featured Gina Marie of Big Brother 15, which brought more attention to the costume. There is no end to the amount of press dedicated to it.

When asked about his good fortune of having his designs all over the airwaves Behar just had to laugh.
“With all the thousands of costumes being created each year I really find it awesome that Ellen keeps discovering my designs.” Mark said laughing. ” I have some fun ones coming out again this year so who knows where they will end up.”
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via McPete Sez Newsletter.