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Donna Reis

The collection of 100% silk nightwear & leisurewear is made by hand with the highest standard of craftsmanship.
Each garment is meticulously designed in a modern, feminine, sensual, and sophisticated manner.
Whether you are looking for fun & flirty, dare-to-wear, or a classic structured look, the collections are full of mystique chic, luscious glamour and represent both -sophisticated simplicity and dazzling
drama, to celebrate your everyday luxury.
Enjoy the aura around you while lounging in Donna Reis’s nightwear.
The silk is “as weightless as clouds” and an alluring game of transparencies is created as the silk is combined with sheer Chiffon.
The robe collection is a boudoir essential for the woman who can’t be bothered to get dressed, but wants to look “red carpet ready” at all times.
This Night Time Wardrobe Collection is about longevity and perfect fit and is a sound investment in your personal comfort and style.

Visit Donna Reis at CurveNY February 23-25 booth # 425. 

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