Lipgloss & Lace: The Museum of Sex

                         by Mandie Mutchie
The Museum of Sex 

I just got back from a trip to NYC, which was WAY too short – not just because our flight was canceled and then delayed due to weather, not just because I had a great time, and not just because NYC is huge and fun and there is WAY too much to do to fit in a 4-5 day trip, but because I had really wanted to visit La Petite Coquette and write and article about it, but couldn’t make it!

I did, however, manage to stroll into the Museum of Sex, and figured that’d make a good article, too!

I mean, MOST of the time that people put on lingerie, they are planning on having sex, right? (As a lingerie model, there are PLENTY of times that sex is not on my mind when I put it on, but hey… Let’s stick with the majority!)

We didn’t have time (again, I remind you, short trip!) to go and check out the exhibits, but from the giftshop and lobby, I think I got a decent idea of what the inside is like!

On the left wall is a giant mural, and it is quite sassy! It was painted by Cassius Fouler, and is titled “we’re fucked.” It was on the stairs that lead down to “Oralfix,” the aphrodisiac bar.

The gift shop is full of fun toys, vintage playboys for purchase (some that come with a “cum rag,”), and museum of sex memorabilia. There is also a lot of erotic art available for purchase, as well as various lubes.

There is a large wall explaining the current exhibitions, which include the aforementioned aphrodisiac bar, “Spotlight,” which is their permanent collection that shows various things in our history that were left out due to their graphic nature, “Universe of Desire,” which is an exhibit that is focused on the internet and its impact on sex and desire, “The Sex Lives of Animals,” which is self-explanatory, and “F CK ART,” a street art exhibition.

One more thing… There’s a giant, elaborate “bicycle” you can ride that… Well, we’ll let the picture do the talking!

That’s worth at least a thousand words, right? If not, go to the museum – there’s a video playing in the giftshop of the machine in use (yes, with a woman at the other end). For obvious reasons, you have to be 18 to enter! Have a “crazy sexy” time!  

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*Photo by Rafal Krolik of Seville Media  

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