Lipgloss & Lace: Priscilla Jade

               by Mandie Mutchie

I’m in love! You already knew that I am in love with my boyfriend, but I am ALSO in love with Priscilla Jade (the lingerie line, not a person)! I had the chance to ask designer Priscilla M. Codinach a few questions to learn more about her line and what inspires her, and am sharing what I learned with you!

How long have you been in the industry?
PJL has been is business for 7 years.

How did you become a lingerie designer?
My second semester in design school I wanted to start my own business. I always loved costumes and design as a little girl. Lingerie seemed like a fun industry to create my own brand. 

How did Priscilla Jade come to be, and how did you select your name?
Before I enrolled in design school I gave myself the nick name PJ. My younger cousin said I looked like one of her Bratz dolls, Jade. I had long black hair at the time. I put the two names together and it just seemed to stick.

What inspires you as a designer, and your design for your line?
I love simplicity and comfort. When I first started designing for my label I wanted it to lux. Over time I learned what my customers were drawn to. All women want the same thing, to feel comfortable in their own skin. Its my goal to create intimates for every type of woman.

What sets you apart from other lines?
I grew up sewing with my grandmother. From start to finish my products are hand made. Patterns are drafted by hand and first samples are sewn in my home studio. I recently moved to Los Angeles in order to grow the company via production in the US. I value that my grandmother taught me how to sew. I want to keep that handmade principle and maintain a high quality product.

What do you love best about this season’s line?
The Noir COLLECTION has been a signature line since it debuted. The basic styles and combinations are timeless. My intimates are versatile from a special evening out with your partner or having breakfast in bed.

What can we expect from Priscilla Jade in the future?
I will continue to build off of my signature style and evolve as a designer. Since I have been in Los Angeles I have more access to new materials and fabrics. I am excited to launch more ranges and colors for 2015.

Where is Priscilla Jade sold?
You can purchase PJL online at our website and several boutiques in Miami, Fl and Los Angeles, CA.

Do you exhibit at any trade shows?
No. Buyers can register as a boutique/retail location through our website. We list all retailers on our list of stockists.

Is there anything else that you would like the readers of Lipgloss & Lace to know about your collection and brand?
We offer gift cards. Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ends Dec. 2 The shopping code is PJLBLK.

Here are some new photos from a Miami shoot that took place last week. The photographer is OTB Miami/Eduardo Valdez.

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