Business and Technology: Pinterest and You

         by the Gozooko Guys
(Bryan and Karl)

Pinterest and You

Can adding Pinterest to your business’ social media use add profits?
A few tips to try to raise your bottom line.

Build relationship with clients who pin often, they are the ones with the most followers. (more chances for you to get repined). Ignore the others, your time is too precious to waste on following smaller Pinners.

Cross pollinate your social media. The other social media sites have vastly more users than Pinterest. Use your other social accounts to direct to Pinterest.

Of course pin your products, but also pin about things and stories related to your industry. Tips and tricks related to items you sell make it more human and less about the sales.

Getting clients and potential clients to follow you on Pinterest is important, but just as important is for you to follow those “super” Piners. They may follow you in return giving you that all sought after social media exposure that costs almost nothing to buy!!

At Gozooko, the customer always comes first. Our lines of products are customer driven, and our goal is to meet your needs and to help your business grow. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from   

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Pinterest Gains Popularity with Consumers

US consumers are more likely to engage with retailers on Pinterest than Facebook or Twitter, according to research released by the National Retail Federation.
On average, US consumers follow an average 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest, compared to 6.9retailers on Facebook or 8.5 on Twitter, a joint research project by, comScore and The Partnering Group found.
Some 38% of online consumers surveyed follow retailers through one or more social networking sites.
According to the research, company blogs, YouTube and Facebook command the majority of consumers’ activity. Some 70% of those who follow a company’s blog click through to the website, and though sometimes overlooked in the social media mix, more than 68% of consumers use YouTube to browse and research a retail company.
“Retailers have done a commendable job embracing social media – engaging their customers where it makes sense while keeping their brand relevant, interesting, appealing and exciting on each platform,” said executive director Vicki Cantrell.
“Specifically, Pinterest has given retailers another channel to ‘listen’ to and interact with both existing and new customers, telling an ongoing visual story through images of their products and their brand ‘spirit’ – a story that customers can then tell again to their friends and family members.”
Finding good deals is still the main driver behind consumers following retailers on social media platforms, but deals and promotions have lost a little bit of their lustre. Some 51% of those surveyed said they follow a retailer to get information on deals and coupons, down from 58% last year.
Some 43% say they are looking for product information and 36% want to post or read comments about merchandise or services.
One-third of consumers surveyed who own smartphones have shared their location with retailers. Location-based services such as Groupon Now! FourSquare and Facebook are helping retailers reach new and existing customers by targeting special offers, discounts and coupons to mobile devices once they’ve checked in.
“For retailers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enticing smartphone owners who may be within a few feet of their store or even already in the store, thanks to technology that lets shoppers who want to hear from retailers instantly interact with them,” said ComScore Jennifer Vlahavas.
“And while check in and store location functionality are already gaining popularity, retailers have only just scratched the surface of using location data to better serve their customers. In-store shopping maps and customized shopping lists are a few of the possibilities that will cater to the consumer.”
The study found that men are more than likely than women to share their location with a retailer, with 40% and 25%, respectively, and nearly half of those aged 18-34 say they have shared their location, compared with just 22% of those aged 35-54. 

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Business and Technology: Peak your Pinterest!

       by the Gozooko Guys
(Bryan and Karl) is one of the hottest social sharing sites out there, and according, it is driving more referral traffic to sites than Youtube, Reddit, Google Plus, and LinkedIn combined. That’s right, COMBINED! Pinterest is almost equal to Twitter and Google in driving referral traffic, and will most likely over take them shortly.
Pinterest is easy to use. One of the best ways to get started is to add “Pin it” buttons to your online store so customers can “Pin” your product images to Pinterest. The pinned products will then link back to your store. Once you add the “Pin it” buttons to your online store let your customers know they can start pinning their favorite products.
Pinterest is all about the image. It is key that you have good quality images on your site. Think about creating new and interesting images of your products with different styles and ways in which they are used. The better/exciting images may prompt more people to pin them and in turn get more people to follow it back to your site. Think about the old adage “Image is everything”. 

At Gozooko, the customer always comes first. Our lines of products are customer driven, and our goal is to meet your needs and to help your business grow. As always we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from