A New Scent from Soak

Introducing Yuzu. It’s the scent you’ve been waiting for. It’s so lovely it’s a bit silly. It is a kiss of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus. It is currently available in 3oz Soak bottles and 3oz Handmaid.
Yuzu will be initially available in 3oz (flight friendly) bottles, made from 100% post-consumer resin. The larger bottle size will debut in the spring. The bottle, the formula and the design are great for your skin and the environment.
Yuzu’s label is the first in Soak’s upcoming series of designer labels. This label collection (yes, all 8 tiny bottles have different labels) is designed by the lovely and talented traditional fine art printmaker, and a turncoat commercial textile designer Lizzy House. Collectible, indeed. You can see more of Lizzy’s work on her blog.http://lizzyhouse.typepad.com/
The 3oz bottle has a MSRP $10 and is available in Soak Wash and Handmaid. It is available for order at www.soakwash.com.
Soak Wash and Triumph Australia
Soak is also happy to announce that after a successful test period, Triumph International will be selling Soak Wash as their exclusive wash in their retail outlets across Australia.
For more information about Soak, emailJacqueline@soakwash.com or go to www.soakwash.com  

via McPete Sez Newsletter.