Beyoncé Wore LIVIAR During Pregnancy Announcement


LIVIAR, Start-up Luxury Lingerie Brand Made in the US, Featured in Beyonce’ Record-Breaking Instagram Pregnancy Announcement

It’s been quite a week at the start-up luxury lingerie brand, LIVIARA. Ever since America’s pop-culture queen, Beyoncé, wore the LIVIARA Powder Blue Dauphine panty in her record-breaking Instagram pregnancy announcement, the LIVIARA team has been happily fielding interviews, fulfilling orders and taking advantage of the unexpected and unimaginable exposure.

Being a part of the #1 Instagram post by Beyoncé herself has tripled LIVIARA’s sales in the past week, massively increased website traffic and catapulted the brand into the spotlight. CEO and Founder Kara Gatto was as surprised as anyone else. “We were ecstatic. We really had no idea that she was going to use one of our pieces,” Gatto said. “We couldn’t be more thankful and we feel really blessed that she made us part of her special announcement.”

wpe4The American-made luxury lingerie brand just launched last November and has hit the ground running. LIVIARA does everything – design, manufacturing, logistics and customer service – from their 3-story building in the heartland of the U.S.  Although it is anything but a typical manufacturing building. It much more closely resembles a vibrant state-of-the-art workshop with light filled open spaces, exposed hot pink ceilings and large elegant artwork. LIVIARA focuses on supporting the passions of their employees as they create their beautiful collection.

With a staff of 37 employees that currently includes 24 seamstresses, LIVIARA’s mission is to revolutionize luxury lingerie through empowerment, quality, and innovation.  LIVIARA understands that luxury begins with quality. Accordingly, each piece of LIVIARA lingerie is made from real silk, the finest lace, and 24-karat gold-plated accessories.

Impeccably designed and hand-crafted, LIVIARA’s lines are created in the spirit of the empowered woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it. “It was exciting to see Beyoncé wearing one of our pieces because she embodies the spirit of female empowerment which is an integral part of our brand voice,” Gatto said. “She really fits the brand impeccably.” LIVARA believes in the empowerment of every individual to express all sides of one’s self in a culture of acceptance, creativity, and freedom of expression.

Similarly, Marie Antoinette, both the revered and the damned final queen of France, is the inspiration for the 2017 inaugural collection. Literally fit for royalty, LIVIARA’s initial two lines – Beloved and Condemned– captures the storyline of a beloved female gone rogue. Every year, LIVIARA will choose a different revolutionary woman to use as inspiration for their new collection. Each collection will focus on the dichotomy between the soft and romantic and the bold and rebellious.

About LIVIARA: Founder and CEO, Kara Gatto, launched LIVIARA in the spirit of the empowered woman who knows what she wants and how to achieve it. The entire collection is carefully hand-crafted in the United States at LIVIARA’s new state-of-the-art workshop. Initially launching as an e-commerce retailer, Gatto has already expanded distribution to luxury boutiques and plans to further distribution through retail partnerships, as well as avant-garde brick and mortar retail space in select cities in 2017.

LIVIARA is quickly becoming known for their use of high-end materials and unique way of creating powerful bondage style pieces. LIVIARA’s collection of exquisite bras, corsets, panties and garter sets feature the finest lace, indulgent silk, and gold-plated accents. Understanding that emboldened confidence demands a personal fit, LIVIARA intimates are currently available in sizes ranging from 32A-G, 34A-G, 36A-F, and 38A-DD and bottoms from XS-XL. LIVIARA will continue to expand their size range throughout 2017.


Plus-Size Lingerie Store Owner Becomes Columnist for New Body Positive Magazine

ILS_web_Mcpete Sez

Curvy Girl Lingerie’s Chrystal Bougon to Write Sex and Body Love Column for FabUplus Magazine

Chrystal Bougon, owner of the first plus-size lingerie store in the U.S. (Curvy Girl Lingerie), is excited to announce she’s been chosen as the sex and body love columnist for the brand new magazine, FabUplus Magazine.

“Sex can be fantastic at any size, and I want to make sure everyone knows that,” said Bougon. “One thing I love about my store is helping women feel confident, beautiful and desirable the way they look now, in the body they have now, so I’m excited to bring that message to even more women.”

Despite over 167 million plus sized women in North America, FabUplus Magazine is the Owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, Chrystal Bougoncontinent’s only body positive health, fitness and lifestyle magazine with weight-neutral content dedicated to women with curves. It’s breaking traditional media rules by showcasing the plus-size community and encouraging women to be confident with the way they look. Find out more at

Chrystal Bougon created Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose, CA because she believes all women deserve a safe place to shop without judgment, where they can find lingerie and panties that fit well and make them feel beautiful and sexy. With a “Sexy Isn’t a Size” motto, Curvy Girl Lingerie carries items in sizes 14-6x. Learn more at

Bougon is also the star of the upcoming reality tv series, Plus Life: Unapologetically Fat and Fabulous (because sometimes there’s not a skinny inside dying to get out). Look for Plus Life to air this summer.


Severe Weather Cost US Economy Estimated $50 Billion

The severe weather that has hit much of the country this winter has cost the economy nearly $50 billion in lost productivity and 76,000 jobs, according to a new survey.
Snow, ice and bitter cold will shave about 0.3 percentage point from economic growth, according to Wall Street economists, fund managers and strategists polled by CNBC.
In an economy with about $15.7 trillion in total output, or gross domestic product, that comes to about $47 billion.
The weather that has made much of the country at times look like it could host the Winter Olympics also hindered labor market growth, partly causing the disappointing government jobs reports in December and January.
The survey respondents estimated storms and cold cost the economy 32,000 jobs in December, 25,000 in January and would reduce payrolls by 19,000 this month.
University of Maryland economist Peter Morici estimated the rough weather, such as the snowstorm that struck Washington, D.C., and much of the East Coast this week, would cost the economy $20 billion to $40 billion.
“The January freeze and crippling storms gripping the eastern United States and upper Midwest are having significant impacts on normal life and commerce,” Morici said.
“The country braces for cold and storms each winter, but this year’s conditions are more severe than cities and counties customarily prepare to address,” he said.
The bad weather was blamed for a 0.4% drop in retail sales in January compared with December.
“Following a solid holiday sales season, it seems that many consumers decided to take a break from the stores and shopping malls this January in an attempt to avoid winter weather,” Mathew Shay, president of the National Retail Federation, said after the Commerce Department reported the disappointing sales figures.
But Morici said that unlike decades ago when lost factory time was difficult to make up, the modern service economy should recoup much of the weather losses in the second quarter of the year.
“Folks that did not buy cars in January and February will purchase those in March and April,” he predicted. “Buildings will be repaired and improved, and that adds, not subtracts from GDP.
Participants in the CNBC survey also anticipated a snap back from the winter losses.
The survey found that including lost productivity from December, the winter weather would cost the economy about 0.56 percentage point of growth.
But respondents predicted pent-up demand would lead to a boost to second quarter growth of about 0.23 percentage point, reducing the total economic impact to about 0.3 percentage point.

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Nite-N-Gal sleepwear/loungewear is leading the trend that designer Raphaella Riboud has also espoused sleepwear/loungewear that can be worn everywhere. Nite-N-Gal’s unique selling proposition is that can be worn anytime, everywhere, while it is so soft, cool and luxurious 98% all-natural, breathable modal (made from the beech tree) / 2% spandex and trimmed in fine European laces that it makes the wearer feel naked! Nite-N-Gal sleepwear/loungewear has been distributed throughout Europe for many years and has recently been redesigned for, and introduced to, the U.S. market. 

Now Nite-N-Gal is thrilled to introduce an exciting new line of casually sophisticated, feminine, romantic, sexy tops and bottoms that can be worn out for a glamorous evening, yet also in a relaxed, stylish atmosphere. Nite-N-Gal’s sensual Casual Luxury line is made of ultra-luxurious modal trimmed in unique laces, satin and velvet with coordinating pants of the same. 

As trends such as spas, wellness, natural foods, natural healing, natural materials blossom,  Nite-N-Gal fulfills women’s needs/desires for style with ultimate comfort, sophistication, fine detail, femininity, and casual luxury. They ask for, and listen intently to, input from both buyers and customers to continue to evolve the line to meet the needs of the market. 

The owner/designer lives here in the U.S. and is of Indian descent. Her aunt in Mumbai, India, has manufactured the line for three decades for Europe. When her aunt’s daughter made it clear she would not fulfill her mother’s wishes for her to come to the U.S. and bring the line with her, Sheila Malhotra jumped at the opportunity, redesigned it to appeal to U.S. fashion tastes, introduced it to enthusiastic welcomes at the NYC CurvExpo, began selling into stores throughout the country, and is now expanding into Canada, with plans to distribute in Europe and South America

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